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We’re currently on the hunt for a nursery for H-Bear. He’s getting to the age where he’d really benefit from some independent socialising with children his own age, without me around, for a day a week. I could also do with some more work time.

But H-Bear is a wild thing. His natural habit is the woods, or a big open space. And the nurseries in our area seem to have small, confining rooms, which lack in outside areas.

They feel forced. And I think he would feel shut-in.

He would also have to go into the baby room in one of the nursery’s for the next three months until he turns two. H-Bear is past the baby stage – and with an older sister to admire and look up to, he feels older and (in some ways) more capable than Busby did at this age. He’s certainly more physically able.

I long to find him a nursery with a forest school attached. Or somewhere with a proper garden; one that isn’t caked in tarmac. A place where they go outside no matter what the weather.

His wellington boots are his most used pair of shoes. All of his coats are caked in mud. This boy needs fresh air and freedom.

This childcare malarkey is certainly mind boggling… and how different two children can be! Busby would have slotted in perfectly to the nursery we saw last week when she was H-Bear’s age, but I just can’t see him there.

So what do we do next? Do we look further afield? Do we consider a child-minder? Where will you go little bear?


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  1. MummyD
    7th March 2017 / 7:46 am

    Have you heard of the forest/outdoor nurseries? I don’t know if there’s any near you I’ve never seen one but I’ve heard of them- the whole day is outside! Sounds awful to me but sounds like would love it? Lots of nurseries have forest schools but it will only be one day a week they go 🙁 most should have a free flow of outside/inside though so keep looking. I don’t like the ones with babies and 1 year olds in together, they need such different things! 🙁 Child minders are more flexible to each child, but often more expensive! Good luck! (Former Nursery Nurse)

  2. 8th March 2017 / 10:14 pm

    I’d say definitely look into child minders, ours is wonderful with taking the kids out to the woods, the beach, the local farms and really investing in them! plus in my experience they’re cheaper too, ours chargers £4.50 an hour and that includes food (a cooked lunch plus snack) and nappies, and any entrance fees to wherever they go! No idea how they make a living from it!

  3. 3rd April 2017 / 5:05 pm

    This is our exact situation at the moment! I’ve finally admitted that Lily needs a day with other children and the search is on to find somewhere suitable for her. She speaks so well and she’s quite advanced so I’m desperate to find somewhere that suits her needs properly and where she’ll look forward to going to!

    Let me know how you get on lovely

    X X

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