Family Fun // Bridlington Beach

The thing I love most about living in Yorkshire are the beaches. Having grown up with Brighton beach as my back garden (almost literally until I was 10), I love being near the sea. I’m drawn to it. So living close(ish) to the beach is quite important for me – and what beaches they have up here!

For a start, there’s sand! I’m so used to pebbles that bruise every surface of your body, and feet that have become so hardened by stepping on these pebbles, that sand is a novelty! And not one I think I’ll ever get bored of!

And the beaches here stretch for miles and miles… and they’re so gloriously quiet in comparison to the South East. 

My mum came to stay with us over the weekend, so we headed to Bridlington on Monday for fish & chips, sandcastle building and a wander.

The weather wasn’t as amazing as it had been on Sunday, but it was fine… Although I’m not sure my mum would agree with this – she was in full winter coat, woolly hat and scarf! I was just in a cardigan for most of the trip… apparently I’ve acclimatised to the cold North – who would have thunk it?!

Anyway, I digress! The sun shone at times… and Busby still managed an ice cream! We successfully built sandcastles, and the children completely exhausted themselves out. Job done!

Bridlington town may not be as pretty as Filey, but it’s definitely on the up. There seems to be quite a lot of regeneration work going on at the moment. With the train station only a 10-15 minute walk from the beach, I love it as a ‘day out’ destination on weekdays when we can’t go anywhere in the car!


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