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the summer wardrobeThe weather might be having other ideas at the moment, but (calendar-wise) we’re approaching the brink of summer. And I love summer! Coats and other layers can be shunned, so getting out of the house with two children is marginally easier. Ice creams are plentiful, so bribing children to leave the house is once again marginally easier. And everyone is much happier when the sun shines and the air is warm – children included!

Night feeds are a thing of the past (for now), so I’ve taken to browsing online in the bath (and during nap time when I should be working *cough*). There are a few things I’ve been ogling for summer so far…

Now, before I start with the clothes – I don’t tend to wear much makeup other than eye pencil and nail varnish… That being said, I had the best time browsing the H&M makeup section in the Oxford Street store when I was in London last month – their nail varnish selection was immense, and I opted for a glittery yellow shade to match my coat (see the photo at the top of this post).

The reason I don’t wear much makeup (other than the fact that I value sleep over getting up in the mornings to put some on) is because I’m pretty shocking at applying it… I would love to learn. Ellisons supply professional makeup kits which look pretty cool if you’re looking for something more extensive for your collection this summer.

And now onto the clothes!

It will come as no surprise to my regular readers that I want most of Cath Kidston’s SS17 range, but their banana bag is quite possibly the most amazing bag I’ve ever seen. I’ve been trying to convince Nick that I could somehow turn it into a camera bag… He’s not convinced. But those banana handles??!

cath kidston bananas

Obviously I’d need the matching dress too… And how cute are these Lobster Espadrilles?! Perfect for our trips to Whitby and Bridlington!

We’ve been invited to a few weddings this year, so what to wear has been on my mind a fair amount. We don’t go out ‘out’ much anymore as parents, so spending money on a dress that I may only wear once or twice always makes me hesitant to hand over my credit card! I really love Dickins & Jones’ dresses – I have quite a few from over the years; I love how timeless they are.

dickins and jones

This lovely yellow one caught my eye on the House of Fraser website. And although this blue one may not be wedding appropriate, I’d definitely wear it for the school run with my rose gold pumps.


So this is my summer wardrobe lust list! What’s on yours?


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