H-Bear // 23 months

The countdown is well and truly on until this boy turns two! Two?! Excuse me a moment while I sob into my lukewarm tea…

The big news from the past month is that we’ve found him a Nursery! And it’s on a farm! I’ve written about it in more detail here, but goodness, I am so envious of my little bear. I want to go to a farm instead of working… He starts in September, and I know he’s going to have the BEST time! There’s such a focus on being outdoors and playing – it’s a brand new building too, so it’s light and airy. Oh, and did I mention it’s on a FARM?!

This month, H-Bear loves:

  • Number Blocks. It’s the only programme he’ll watch at the moment! He’s obsessed with Number 9 – and spent the whole walk to pick Busby up from preschool on Thursday pretending to sneeze like Number 9… and then saying “I’m 9!”, so I think his birthday cake may well end up being a grey square cake instead of the Go Jetters cake I’d originally planned to make.
  • Naps. I don’t want to jinx it but… helovesnapssomuchrightnowYAY!!!!!
  • Sausages. I suggested to Nick that H-Bear may well be a competitive sausage eater when he’s older like in Beethoven (the film)…
  • Busby. He cried on Wednesday when we dropped her off at preschool and exclaimed “Busby gone!” I think September may be difficult on him when she’s in school for 5 whole days.

His cars and trains seem to come everywhere with us at the moment – even to visit the ducks!

H-Bear still loves an adventure – and constantly picks up sticks and leaves on our travels. I have a feeling that his pockets will be full of surprises as he continues to grow.

There’s not much else to report this month! H-Bear is generally such a happy, affectionate little person – and I really can’t believe we’re about to approach his second birthday!


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