Poem // You’re really starting school…

really starting schoolWe were happily plodding along
At our own pace,
When the official letter arrived;
An emotional smack in the face.
“It’s really happening then,”
I whisper to myself.
I pop the kettle on
And grab a mug from the shelf.
‘Confirming your child’s Primary School place’
We’ve been waiting for this letter…
Why is it such a shock then?
I thought I’d deal with it better.
We found out where you were going
One whole month ago.
But still this official letter,
Feels like a gut-wrenching blow.
There are details of parents evenings;
The teacher meet-and-greet.
Inductions. First day information.
Uniforms to make you neat.
But as I stand here sipping
My now-lukewarm tea,
I wonder how on earth,
This can all possibly be?!
I can still remember the day
You plopped out on the bed.
Still remember how I tried
To make sense in my head:
“I’m a mum!” I thought
As you snoozed there on my arm.
Excitement, wonder, love, terror…
Trying to keep calm!
But now you’re starting school?
Surely that’s not true!?!
To me you’re still a baby –
And you can’t be older than… what? Two?
Here begins your journey
Into the wider world.
Where you’ll continuously choose your path;
Destiny unfurled.
You are kind and clever, creative and brave,
I know you’ll get on fine,
It’s Mummy that will struggle,
But that will ease over time.
So let’s embrace the newness,
Although please allow me this:
A small amount of tears on the first day,
And a lovely goodbye kiss.


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  1. 14th May 2017 / 8:04 am

    Aw Hannah I love this, totally how I feel!

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