Siblings // May 2017

This month’s Siblings photos are a ‘Morning in the Life of…’ I had great plans to visit a rapeseed field, but sadly this month has ended up being a bit all over the place! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing a snippet of our weekly adventure into the village to support the local businesses.

(I love how very #VillageLife our life has become here in Yorkshire.)

When we first relocated up here from Sussex I struggled to adjust; I didn’t really know anyone, I was 8 months pregnant with H-Bear, and, if my huge baby bump didn’t make me stand out, my accent certainly did. But gradually (very gradually) I’ve come to enjoy our life up here – as have the children. 

Our walk is about a mile long, and involves crossing the train tracks. If we’re not in a hurry, we stop to wait for the next train so we can wave. The train drivers always honk their horns and wave back – and it makes me feel like we live in a modern day version of The Railway Children. It probably sounds excessively twee, but it appeals to my Enid Blyton-esque vision of bringing up the children – and they absolutely love it!

When we reach the centre of the village we stop off at the florist, because they usually have bunches of yellow roses for £2! Then we go to the greengrocers, and the children choose a piece of fruit each, which they eat on a bench on the village green. I discovered this ‘choosing fruit = a treat’ thing entirely by accident about 3 months ago, and so far neither has cottoned on to the newsagent next door that sells pick-a-mix…! Parenting win!

I didn’t realise what the bench said until I was editing these photos – but how apt?!

After our fruit ‘treat’, we visit the Coop for bread, the deli for cupcakes or pork pies, and then head home in time for H-Bear to nap – with a stop to wave at the trains, of course!


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  1. 15th May 2017 / 9:50 am

    Ooooo I’m so going to try the fruit treat that’s brilliant!! It does look very fairytale and they are both gorgeous. It must have been so hard to relocate. You’ve done so well xx

  2. 15th May 2017 / 10:00 am

    It sounds so lovely, I do like The Railway Children idea! That bench is just perfect, gorgeous photos and village walk x

  3. 15th May 2017 / 11:19 pm

    Oh what an apt bench! They’re gorgeous pictures (as always) and if you have the opportunity to indulge in Enid Blyton fantasy then frankly why not!! I suspect you’re not too far from my inlaws so I know what you mean about the accent – I’ve never had to repeat myself so much, and I speak pretty much RP!

  4. 19th May 2017 / 4:14 pm

    These are so lovely, you always capture them beautifully as if you aren’t even there. I need lessons! #Siblingsproject

  5. 23rd May 2017 / 2:34 pm

    I am so jealous of your little village adventures! We have to trek up / down a huuuuge hill to get anywhere fun (and the walk back is never as fun haha). You can really see their similarities in the pictures of them standing on the rails xx

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