Adventures // The Lake District, June 2017

The Lake District is our happy place as a family. To be surrounded by mountains, woods and so much greenery 24/7 is the dream – and one day, way in the future, we hope to move there.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, will know that we’ve just been to the Lakes on holiday. We stayed for a week in Pullwood Bay on Lake Windermere, to celebrate my Father-in-Law’s birthday.

The apartment was gorgeous – as was the view:

We had a wonderful – if slightly disastrous – week! Busby came out in chicken pox and then H-Bear contracted some kind of vomiting bug… which resulted in us going to hospital with fears that he was dehydrated after 24+ hours of not being able to keep anything down. However, as I’ve said to everyone who has asked, there aren’t many places I mind being awake at sunrise. To be able to watch the mountains appear out of the darkness, with a hot cup of tea in hand, and my littlest bear snuggled up on my lap was a strange sort of magical parenting moment. Even if I was covered in sick and massively sleep deprived.

Thankfully Busby took the chicken pox in her stride, and it didn’t really bother her. The spots scabbed over quickly  – and we all still managed to have lots of fun.

I wanted to share a few (!) photos from our week with you on here.


We arrived at the apartment after an interesting journey with the children where H-Bear napped for all of 40 minutes in the car. We couldn’t believe how stunning the grounds were – and the sun was shining!


Saturday was my Father-in-Law’s birthday, so much cake and bubbles were consumed!

We decided to go for a walk in the afternoon (when there was a break in the rain!) up to Drunken Duck Inn. It’s a favourite venue for us all for various reasons… the walk was all up hill, which both children struggled with – but the walk back was infinitely better.

H-Bear at 2 years


Busby started coming out in spots on Sunday, so we chilled around the apartment in the morning.

Then Nick, H-Bear and I went on a food run to Booths in Windermere – and stopped off at Homeground in the town for the most amazing coffee and brunch!


Busby seemed to be taking the pox in her stride, and the weather wasn’t too bad, so we decided to head to Hill Top Farm to Beatrix Potter’s house and garden. It was very busy, so we hung out in the garden that belonged to the hotel next door before having a wander around when it was quieter.

H-Bear at 2 years


Busby was feeling a bit under the weather on Tuesday morning, so we took H-Bear out to the supermarket for more food. She was a bit more perky when we got back, so we decided to walk through the woods to Wray Castle.

It was such a beautiful walk!

The castle was about to close when we arrived, but we managed to grab some ice cream, pretend to be trees, and the kids crashed the National Trust workers BBQ…!

H-Bear at 2 years

H-Bear at 2 years


H-Bear was being sick from 2am, so most of the day was written off. He seemed to perk up in the afternoon, so we went outside onto the lawns to get some sunshine and fresh air.

H-Bear at 2 years


Sadly, H-Bear was sick again in the night – and continued being sick, so we ended up taking him to the hospital as he hadn’t kept any food or water down for over 24 hours. The staff at Kendal were great – and we got seen very quickly.

We were free by about 2.30pm, so we went and met Nick’s parents and Busby at Allan Bank House (our favourite National Trust property) for a cup of tea and explore. I’m so glad we did, as a visit to the Lakes is nothing without a visit to Grasmere.

Busby had made a kite at Allan Bank with her grandparents, so they were busy trying to fly it when I arrived.


Our week finished on Friday, so we headed home and wished we could have stayed for another week!

We’re planning on returning to the Lakes for my 30th in August. We are going to go on all of the fun adventures we didn’t have a chance to go on in June, and I can’t wait! It truly is the most beautiful part of the world.


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  1. 27th June 2017 / 8:01 am

    We’ve just come back from the Lakes – we stayed in Kendal – and it was something else and nothing I’d ever seen before.

    The landscape is so raw, with stones jutting out the hills. It’s absolutely stunning and we will most definitely visit again.

    I’m sorry to hear that H-bear was poorly, I hope he’s feeling better now. At least he was somewhere nice to make him feel that bit better – they both looked like they had an amazing time.

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