Busby // An interview at 4.5 years

When Busby turned three I decided to stop her monthly updates, as I found I was starting to repeat myself (you can find all of her updates here)! Well, this lovely little lady is four and a half years old today, so I thought I’d continue on with this interview-style post I started when she was 3.5!

What is your name? *says first name*

How old are you?  Just four.

Who is your best friend? Toby and Ted… and Thomas!

What is your favourite toy? Flopsy – because she’s on my lap right now.

Where is your favourite place to go?  The swimming pool.

What is your favourite thing about having a brother?  I love him.

What is your favourite colour? Purple.

What is your favourite fruit? Beans on toast and apples.

What is your favourite smell? Flowers. I love roses, like Mummy.

What makes you happy?  Being with my friends. I love to run around with them, and play and sing.

What makes you sad?  When somebody goes away.

What makes you scared?  The dark. I think about ghosts and monsters when it’s dark and it scares me.

What is your favourite book?  My dinosaur fact book.

What is your favourite word to say? ‘London’ and ‘Yum!’

What is your favourite television programme? Magic Door. I love the songs and the different rooms.

What is your favourite animal?  A zebra, a monster… all of the animals!

What is your favourite thing to go on at the playground?  The swings and slide.

What is your favourite song?  Maroon 5 “Don’t wanna know”

What is your favourite film?  Despicable Me and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What is your favourite thing about Preschool?  Lots of toys and toilets.

What is your favourite method of transport?  I like the driving ones that don’t mean I have to walk.

What would you like to be when you grow up? Baker with my own chocolate shop.

What is your favourite thing about being 4?  I don’t know! I like my bouncy ball…?

Chicken Pox hit while we were in the Lake District, but we were definitely in the best place for it, as she could run through the woods without fear of infecting anyone.

Her reading and writing is improving weekly, and she’s definitely ready to start school in September (I’m not so much!). We have lots of adventures planned for the next few weeks – we are certainly making the most of our last few weeks together.

Happy Half-Birthday to my lovely little lady!


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  1. 27th June 2017 / 8:35 pm

    Aww what a lovely interview, her best thing about being 4 is just fab!
    Enjoy lots of happy adventures before the September term starts.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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