Motherhood // How to stay sane with chicken pox in the house

how to stay sane with chicken pox in the houseWe knew it was coming. As soon as those delightful bumps began to appear on Busby’s torso, we knew that it would be a fun few weeks. And we weren’t wrong; the pox has hit us once again.

But this time we’re not in a luxury apartment overlooking Lake Windermere, next to a forest in the middle of nowhere. We’re at home. Back in our normal routine. Which, as I’m beginning to discover, makes for a very different pox experience. In fact, I’m wondering whether I should just hop on a train with H-Bear and return to the Lakes…?!

I mean, Booths is right next to Windermere train station. Their prosecco is ace, and don’t even get me started on their cheese counter or bakery section…

*salivates on keyboard* 

Busby had a few spots, but other than being a little bit itchy and grumpy, she dealt with it like a trooper. H-Bear’s chicken pox, on the other hand, seems to be a fairly violent strain. He has spots quite literally everywhere – even on his eyelids. And he’s had the entire household sympathy scratching for his poor scalp.

The Piriton + Calpol + Calamine combination doesn’t seem to be cutting it as it did for Busby. The relief only lasts for an hour, and then he’s back to crying “whhhhhhhhy?” whilst simultaneously demanding breadsticks and further episodes of Hey Duggee. There are only so many more times I can watch that programme without replying “A-Woof!” to every question fired at me…

So how is sanity currently remaining intact?

1. Fresh air. Ok, the weather can only be described as ‘pre-Noah-and-his-Ark’ right now, but H-Bear seemed to perk up immensely on the school run today. And Busby definitely benefitted from being outside in the woods with her pox. Take your pox-ridden child into a big open space, or the woods, and let them run off some of that pent-up energy. It will also help with sleep!

2. Cake. I have been baking daily as a) a source of entertainment for H-Bear who loves to join me in the kitchen, and b) something to accompany the copious amounts of tea I’m currently consuming for comfort (seeing H pox-ridden is fairly traumatic!).

3. Slowing down. Akin to the newborn days, H-Bear has wanted LOTS of cuddles. Things like getting dressed out of pjs have been put on the back burner until around 2.45pm when I start to panic that we have to leave for the school run, and throw on anything… I haven’t been putting pressure on myself to get things done either. Well, other than bake a few more cakes.

4. A well maintained drug routine. Piriton and Calpol every four hours. Cake in between to compensate for another round of “Please don’t scratch” nagging. Occasional ice cream breaks. 5 x bucket of tea for Mummy. Prosecco/gin 5pm on the dot.

5. Free reign on CBeebies. Although if I have to watch the Train Badge episode of Hey Duggee one more time, I think I might be moving gin’o’clock forward…

I’m also very thankful that it was H-Bear’s birthday last week, as he has a plethora of new toys and books to keep us busy!

Do you have any top tips for staying sane with the pox? I’m off to Boots to buy some ViraSoothe today after all of your recommendations on Instagram. Thank you! Fingers crossed it makes H-Bear a bit more merry…


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  1. Helen
    29th June 2017 / 1:09 pm

    Think siblings seem to suffer more with the pox than the first child who gets it. We found bathing our little girl with a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda in the bath helped her feel more comfortable.

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