Poem // One of those days…!

one of those days poem
Last Friday was quite a day;
As if the powers that be were conspiring.
Two over-exhausted children.
And one mother whose patience was tiring.

Public transport that was delayed
At every given turn.
And a free Waitrose coffee,
Hot enough to burn.

We made it to the destination,
Relatively intact.
But then the Toddler ran off
Every time I turned my back.

The Fournado burst into tears
Every time that I said “no”.
Empty threats from me, of:
“Well, back home we’ll go!”

The Toddler grins and bites me,
I almost drop him on the path.
A favourite ball that isn’t ours,
Goes for a deep river bath…

There were far too many hills.
Both children in the buggy.
Sun beating down on me;
Weather wonderfully muggy…!

Everyone calms down,
Once the Toddler has his nap.
He’s such a cutie when he’s snoozing,
My angelic little chap.

Oh bugger, he’s awake again.
And now it’s getting late.
The routine’s out the window,
Quick! Dinner on a plate!

We get on an empty bus;
The children are ecstatic!
How fun to be on one so late –
Novelty overtakes dramatic.

More delays on trains,
We sit, watching them go by.
Toddler calls Ticket Inspector: “Daddy”
I go pink, like the sunset sky…

Finally we get back,
Two hours out of routine.
No baths and stories tonight,
Just a quick teeth clean.

I tuck them up in bed,
Their eyes already closing.
What a day it’s been –
I’m not far off dozing.

It may have been ‘one of those days’,
Where nothing goes as it should.
But it was an adventure,
And I did the best I could.


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