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Since relocating to Yorkshire almost three years ago (where has that time gone??) we’ve talked about getting a pet A LOT! I’m absolutely desperate for a dog – either a Golden Doodle or a Labradoodle. Nick is hankering after chickens – and he’s even subscribed to a chicken magazine! Busby doesn’t really mind, as long as it’s not a cat. And H-Bear is fairly easygoing, with him being part-puppy and all…

With all of this discussion on-going in our family, PetPlan’s email couldn’t have come at a better time:

PetPlan asked Busby to create her very own dream pet, which I have to say, was a dream task for her! She spent all of H-Bear’s naptime drawing and crafting away, thinking of ideas, and adding finishing touches to her animal.

Finally, (a few cups of tea later!) I was informed that she had finished, and she revealed her very own dog!

She never ceases to amaze me with her imagination and creativity; I especially love the googly eyes and shiny collar.

We then scanned in her work of art, and sent it off to be made into a cuddly version of her dream pet! I told her that by the time we got back from the Lake District, he would be on his way. She was SO excited!

And she wasn’t disappointed when he arrived. How amazing is the dog in real life?

Busby is in love. She’s named him “FlopsyMopsyTail” which is an amalgamation of her three favourite cuddly rabbits… and he has joined the loved troop of toys that join her in bed every night!

Although we’re still very much in the preliminary stages of looking for a pet, Busby’s dream dog has encouraged lots of conversation about the reality of owning an animal, and the responsibilities that come with the honour of having your very own pet. Her cuddly version will do for now, and I’m sure our very own real life pooch will be joining the Harding clan in the not too distant future… and probably chickens too.

Visit the PetPlan website for more information about owning a pet and Petplan’s pet insurance.


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