Interiors // Have you encountered any of these DIY Disasters?

Thankfully, with our current home being our first house purchase, we haven’t encountered too many DIY disasters yet. Well, ones that we’ve created ourselves anyway! There were plenty of them when we first moved in, thanks to the previous house owner…

Certain moments stick in my mind still. Such as the dodgily installed wall plugs. Or the extra parts of wall that were constructed out of what looked like chicken wire (!) and plaster. Or the random wires that didn’t seem to go anywhere, or do anything!

Not to mention the bed frame that was screwed into the wall… Or the odd pull-cord light switches that were in every bedroom! Oh, and the office blinds that were in every single window of the house!

Luckily, my Father-in-Law is pretty ace at fixing most things house-related, so he helped us get the house into shape. Meanwhile, we stripped the granny chic wallpaper, took down the light-sucking picture rails, and generally made the house into a home.

Our friends weren’t so lucky when they moved into their house. I remember visiting them (once their downstairs was habitable) and they explained how their conservatory extension had been a DIY job by the previous owner, and that it hadn’t actually been attached to the house! Apparently there was a 5cm gap between the original back of the house and the conservatory. An expensive job to fix; with a complete knockdown and a conservatory roof replacement. Not to mention all of the mess!

We’re in the process of redoing our downstairs bathroom at the moment. It’s an ongoing job. One that we’re hoping might be finished before Christmas! Maybe!

When we moved in two and a half years ago it was bright mint green, with a delightful avocado coloured toilet and basin… The tiles had waterlily patterns on, and nothing seemed to match. Nick has ripped everything out this year, and my Father-in-Law (he’s back to the rescue!) has been installing our chosen white replacements! However, Nick and I are planning on doing the tiling, so I think a DIY disaster or three might be on the horizon in the next few months. (Let’s just say, I’m not known for my straight lines!) Bring on the school of YouTube… and our outtakes on Instagram Stories!


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