Poem // Tomorrow, you start school

tomorrow you start school poem
I know it’s such a cliché,
I know you’ll roll your eyes,
But time has passed so quickly,
Time has really flied.

Tomorrow you start primary school;
Smart pinafore, shiny shoes…
And Mummy’s in the corner,
Suffering from the first day blues.

I just don’t know how we got here?
You’re only still so wee,
In fact, last time I checked –
I’m sure you were only three.

I remember the day you arrived,
‘Plop!’ out on the bed,
Snuggles in the hospital,
Fear and love in my head.

Bringing you home – that drive!
I’ve never been so nervous!
Adjusting to life with you,
24/7 required service!

Months went by; still learning,
How to be your Mother.
First year birthday celebrations –
Emotions like no other.

Nurseries attended,
Tiny best friends made.
18 month sleep regression,
Like hazy treacle, trying to wade.

Two years came and went,
With minimal despair.
You’d only tantrum in M&S –
The most responsive audience there!

Suddenly you were Three;
A threenager with attitude.
Opinions about everything
Especially your food…

We got a glimpse of life
In 10-12 years time.
Independent and feisty…
Someone pass me the wine!

Then Four crept up on us;
You definitely calmed down.
Although you never stop talking,
And often give us the runaround!

But with school starting tomorrow,
This Mother here is sad.
And happy, and excited,
Fearful and glad.

I know you’ll thrive, my darling,
At school, you’ll love to be.
But please excuse the tears,
From your over-emotional Mummy.

You see, when you enter those doors,
A new part of life starts for you.
It’s the beginning of your freedom,
The path ahead; shiny and new.

So go and be free, my love.
Make friends and laugh all day.
Paint, draw, stick and glue.
Continue your imagination play.

I’ll be waiting inside the gates,
For you at half past three.
Waiting to hear about your first day,
Anticipated with glee.

So once again, excuse your Mummy,
As tears well in her eyes.
She’s just remembering the past five years.
Repeating “Gosh, time flies”…


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  1. 5th September 2017 / 7:09 am

    Good luck today! I’m sure B will have an amazing time and don’t forget the tissues! Xx

  2. Lisa
    5th September 2017 / 7:59 pm

    Aww, this brought tears to my eyes!

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