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Last week, I wrote about the wonderful preschool program ‘Reading Eggs Junior’ that H-Bear and I have been making our way through. You can find that post here. This week I’m writing about (straight up!) ‘Reading Eggs’, which is aimed at ages 3-7 and is utterly brilliant.

Reading Eggs has been created by experts with over 30 years of experience in education. The program supports and helps your child learn to read, with a selection of extremely engaging games and activities that are super easy to follow.

As I said last week, we are a family of book worms, and both children have been read to since day one. Our house is chock-a-block with books, and we’ve been very keen to get Busby reading recently.

Reading Eggs is available on desktop, tablet or even phone using the technology’s browser. We’ve been using Reading Eggs on a combination of the desktop (to help with Busby’s mouse skills) and the tablet – which is Busby’s preferred way of playing. The program works just like an app on the tablet.

Busby has absolutely adored Reading Eggs, and it’s now become her most requested activity during screen time.

reading eggs review

Before starting the program itself, your child plays through a series of games and activities to determine their reading age. Then the program begins from the appropriate point. Your child then works his/her way through the levels on the map, at their own pace. Once a map is completed, your child undertakes a fun quiz to see how much they’ve learnt from the map and if they pass, they are awarded with a certificate which can be printed.

As a primary school student, why does Busby love Reading Eggs?

  • It’s funny and engaging. The characters, the songs, the noises, the jokes! She seems to enjoy it all.

  • It’s an exciting way to learn. In fact, she just thinks she’s playing games! Each level contains a number of games, books and phonics activities – each introducing something new.

  • She loves to win, so completing each game makes her happy! (The participant wins golden eggs for each game or activity completed.) Completing a level makes her even happier. Especially when there are balloons to celebrate her finishing. 

  • She loves a challenge, and each lesson and level pushes her that little bit further. Busby is like a sponge though, and I’ve been amazed at how quickly she’s picked up each game.

As a parent, why do I love Reading Eggs?

  • It’s easy for Busby to independently follow. When Busby is playing Reading Eggs she doesn’t require too much input from me, which is great that she can do it by herself, and it also means that I can catch up with emails, or do jobs around the house.

  • I’m amazed at how quickly she picks up each game – and how much she understands! I can see an improvement in her word recognition already, which is very exciting!

  • H-Bear enjoys watching her play, which in turn help him learn. He’s already started to recognise letters and sounds just by watching Busby.

  • It helps her gain confidence in, and improves, her mouse control when she plays Reading Eggs on the desktop.

  • Because I’m not hovering over her as I am with H-Bear, I’m thankful to be able to track her progress on the dashboard and I love the little progress reports via email.

Anything to add?

Reading Eggs is a smooth, fun resource that is absolutely brilliant for introducing and nurturing reading in children. Once again, I have been so impressed and I know Busby has too. The program costs £39.95 for a 12 month subscription.

reading eggs review

It’s such a wonderful program, and we can’t wait to continue our Reading Eggs journey!

Reading Eggs are offering all Make, Do & Push! readers a 5 week free trial. Click here to start your free trial today.


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*Post written in collaboration with Reading Eggs. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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