Siblings // October 2017

We may not have made it to Whitby last month for our photos to match September 2016, but we did make it to The Balloon Tree to echo October 2016 this month! Hurrah!

Regular readers will know that we’ve had a very tough month, and I had planned for this month’s Siblings to feature our 12 week scan photo too… Nonetheless, the photos are still lovely with our two gorgeous children (who I feel even more blessed to have), and despite the sadness, we had a lovely afternoon pumpkin picking at The Balloon Tree last weekend.

H-Bear was definitely more involved this year! And both children had a wonderful time choosing pumpkins in the empty field (apparently arriving at gone 3pm on a slightly soggy day is a great way to get the pumpkin field to yourselves!).

Busby and H-Bear have (mostly) been playing nicely together this month. Obviously, they still have their share of sibling arguments, but I think H-Bear has started to realise that he won’t beat Busby in a race (yet) and happily concedes with the phrase “I’m next” after she proclaims herself the winner.

As well as playing nicely, there’s obviously the flipside – arguments – which seem to get louder and more violent as the day goes on. H-Bear plays Busby; winding her up so she frustratedly whacks him (or sometimes not even a whack, just a playful jostle) and then he comes running to me or Nick with full-on crocodile tears. It surprises me how Machiavellian a two year old can be to get his sister into trouble! I have a feeling H-Bear might be on the stage when he’s older!

Busby and H-Bear have really been appreciating their time together since Busby started school. H is always very excited to go and get Busby from school, and weekends are spent chasing each other around the house, and outside, with glee.

I’m really looking forward to half term when I will have these two for a whole week – we have so much planned!


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  1. 15th October 2017 / 10:22 am

    Oh my dear I’m so sorry for your loss and sending thoughts and big hugs. I’m glad you found a way to grab a bit of happiness with both hands, and even if these are not the photos you planned, they are beautiful, and your children are just the right mix of adorable and picklish!!

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