Busby // An update – half a term in

I can’t quite believe Busby is already half a term into school! We’ve just had the most wonderful half term together; so much so that I didn’t want her to go back yesterday.

We always knew that she would thrive in a school environment, but I don’t think we envisaged how much she would love being there – and how much happier she would become. It’s like someone has pressed a button and she’s magically unfurled. All the frustration seems to have left and, although absolutely knackered, she just seems happier in herself.

And happier at home.

Our relationship has improved tenfold. I don’t really understand how, but suddenly I’ve gone from being ‘that annoying Mummy, who isn’t as fun as Daddy’ to her role model, and someone she takes an interest in. She now asks me to do her bedtime stories, and she’s always amazed how I know exactly what she needs (“Daddy, Mummy gives me two Weetabix in the morning – she doesn’t need to ask me. She just knows what I want!” – an example from last week!)

I almost feel cool in her presence.


Obviously, it’s not all rainbow sparkles and happy times. When she’s very tired, usually after the walk home from school at the end of the week, she’s quick to tears and outbursts. But talking to other parents, this seems to be quite normal.

She’s doing amazingly well at school; Parents Evening left us brimming with pride. She’s started reading. She’s advanced in Maths. She’s not afraid of getting stuck in playing football, but equally she’s happy to sit still and paint. She’s a kind, popular member of the class, who loves to help, but who also has a cheeky side.

I’ve been surprised by how much homework Busby gets weekly. We’re supposed to read with her three times a week, do Maths, letter names, word creation… it all adds up – especially when we don’t get home from school until about 4.30pm because we walk home, by which point all she wants to do is eat and have some downtime before we start the bathtime routine. Weekends should be for having fun and resting – but we always have the black cloud of homework hovering in the background.

All this pressure on her makes me want to exclaim: “No more! We will be homeschooling from now on!” every so often. Even though she adores school, it just seems like a lot for such a little person to take on.

Now we’re into the next part of the term, and I’m already getting excited for the Christmas play and end of term fun (even if she does have to go to school on her birthday *sob*)! Busby came home singing ‘Little Donkey’ yesterday, which had us all singing at dinnertime, so bring on the adorable costumes, mince pies and 30+ Christmas cards to write!


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