Busby // An interview at 5 years

Five?! Five?! How did five happen? When did five happen?!

In the past year, Busby has started primary school (and is doing marvellously!). She absolutely adores school and puts her all into her days there. I miss her a lot during the week, and sobbed rather a lot when we dropped her off on that first morning… but I’m appreciating our weekends together even more so now.

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I’ve been publishing 6-monthly interviews for about 18 months now, so in-keeping with tradition, I’ve asked Busby a few questions:

What is your name? *says first name*

How old are you? Five

Who is your best friend? Harry

What is your favourite toy? Flopsy – because she is my bestest toy ever.

Where is your favourite place to go? To my grandparents house. Because I like going swimming with them and playing there.

What is your favourite thing about having a brother? Nothing.

What is your favourite thing about having a puppy? Playing with him.

What is your favourite colour? Purple. And pink.

What is your favourite fruit? Apples and oranges.

What is your favourite food? Chocolate ice cream!

What is your favourite smell? Flowers. Purple lavender. They’re purple, so I love them.

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What makes you happy? When somebody plays with me.

What makes you sad? When people don’t play with me.

What makes you scared? Nothing!

What is your favourite book? Odd Dog Out (by Rob Biddulph)

What is your favourite word to say? ‘Hello!’

What is your favourite television programme? Paw Patrol. Mummy let me watch it as a treat when I was off sick from school.

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What is your favourite animal? An elephant. Because they squirt water, and I would like to have a bath like an elephant.

What is your favourite thing to go on at the playground? The swings.

What is your favourite song? “Let it Go” from Frozen

What is your favourite film? Frozen

What is your favourite thing about school? I have lots of friends.

What would you like to be when you grow up? Mummy’s Assistant. I want to write her shopping lists, go shopping for her, and play with Bertie while she works.

What do you think your favourite thing will be about being 5? Getting Christmas presents!

Happy Birthday to my lovely little lady! And, of course you can be my assistant when you’re older – when can you start?!

Oh, and Time, please slow down!


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  1. 23rd December 2017 / 1:07 am

    Oh gosh, I love how she wants to be your assistant when she grows up! So cute. Really feels like yesterday that she was a baby! Eep.

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