H-Bear // An Interview at 2.5 years

The past six months have seen a huge developmental change in H-Bear. He’s now talking in sentences and proving something of a maths genius! He’s even been moved into the preschool room at Nursery because he’s come along so much.

So, as H-Bear turns two and a half years old today, I thought I’d start the six monthly interviews like I do with Busby!:

What is your name? I am Nenry.

How old are you? I am 2.

Who is your best friend? Ethan.

What is your favourite toy? My train set.

Father Christmas at NYMR

Where is your favourite place to go? Mummy’s camera (I think this might be an indication that my camera is a little too present!)

What is your favourite thing about having a sister? *says Busby’s real name*

What is your favourite colour? Red. Green.

What is your favourite number? 1

What is your favourite food? Nanana

What is your favourite smell? Nappies (Ok…!)

What makes you happy? Mummy!

What makes you sad? *Pretends to cry*

What is your favourite book? Teddy Bears Picnic.

What is your favourite word to say? ‘Caterpillar’

What is your favourite television programme? Little Baby Bum

What is your favourite animal? I like elephant.

What is your favourite song? Ghostbusters! Who you call?

What is your favourite thing about Nursery? Going outside.

What would you like to be when you grow up? Eating chocolate.

What is your favourite thing about being 2? Me!

Happy half-birthday to my cheeky little chap!


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  1. 31st December 2017 / 8:49 am

    Ghostbusters?! TOO CUTE. And I love H’s life goal for when he’s a grown up 🙂

    Happy New Year to your lovely family! xxx

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