Bertie // Four months old

Bertie is four months old today and has been living with us for two months, so I thought I’d share a little update.

He’s growing so quickly – seemingly doubling in size every time we take him to the vets! On our last visit for his final set of puppy jabs, he weighed in at a hefty 3.7kg so he’s put on 2kg since he joined the family.

We ended up at the emergency vets this month after he had a fall and could barely walk. He had to have a painkiller injection and spent the day resting in bed, but was (thankfully) fine and back to his old self the next day!

We’re definitely making more of our weekends now Bertie is in our lives. Since 2018 started, we’ve been to the coast twice – both to places we’ve wanted to visit for a while! We’ve explored woods, sports fields, the Humber Bridge country park and dog-friendly cafés in the area. I love that he forces us to get out and about and explore; we’re all sleeping better from the fresh air and exercise.

Although the school run with a toddler and dog isn’t quite as easy as I hoped it might be…!

Bertie loves scrambled eggs, digging up the garden and stealing gloves off the children’s hands. He also loves chewing socks, slippers and books… which doesn’t go down very well with any of us. Not only that, but he’s been known to pinch and sneak off with Sylvanian characters out of Busby’s bedroom, which again, doesn’t make him the most popular pup.

He also LOVES sitting in the empty bath and licking the shower head. As you do…

We’re going to start puppy training classes in the next few weeks because, although he’s very good off the lead, I’d like him to be a bit more chilled out around other dogs. At the moment he gets VERY excited and can be quite yappy, so I’m hoping training classes will help him calm down somewhat!

Toilet training is almost complete – and he only has an accident now if he’s desperate and doesn’t get outside in time. Plus he’s finally started going to the toilet when we’re on a walk (he didn’t think he was allowed to on the first few walks and would hold it in until we got home to our garden!).

Bertie and I are possibly going down to London on the train in a couple of weeks time for work – so that will be an exciting adventure for both of us! I think there’s a children’s book in there somewhere…


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