Motherhood // The Decline of Handwriting

When did your little one first pick up a pencil? Busby was only a year or so old, and I remember that she was a complete natural immediately – it was like she’d always been holding one. H-Bear took some time, and still struggles with his pencil grip when he’s not really thinking, but he’ll get there soon enough.

Pencil control is something I’ve always encouraged – from drawing and using their imaginations, to the first steps of writing, it’s such an important skill to have.

The following infographic from National Pen is so interesting, and in parts – shocking. I have noticed a serious decline in my own handwriting since I started using a computer regularly when I was in college. I remember my A-Levels and university exams were torturous because my hands just weren’t used to writing for that length of time anymore.

Infographic provided by National Pen

Although it’s obviously much quicker to type and write everything on a laptop or computer, I still love to write in an actual notebook. I find that I can focus my mind more when writing by hand because I’m not distracted by the internet as well! It’s one of the best ways to pass the time when (child-free) on public transport.

Also, my paper diary is one of my favourite purchases of the year and I love setting my goals and writing in it!

Busby loves to write – and although she gets frustrated when she writes her ‘S’ backwards, she’s doing amazingly well and has just written her first full sentence at school. She also wrote all of her friends Christmas cards this year – so I think we have another keen writer on our hands.

Do you still write, or is everything electronic?


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