Adventures // Mappleton beach in January

We’ve been living in East Yorkshire for almost three years now (where has the time gone?!). I love exploring this beautiful part of the country. In comparison to the South East, most of the places we visit are quiet – from the country rambles, to the wide expanses of sandy beach. A lot of the car parks are free, which is such a novelty after living in Brighton! And (on the whole) the people we meet on our adventures are friendly and chatty.

Yesterday we decided to go to Mappleton beach for a dog walk. Situated just down the road from Hornsea, Mappleton is a little village consisting of a few houses, a beautiful church and a quaint tea room in the old post office (we will definitely be popping in here next time – the cakes look amazing!).

We togged up in our coats and wellies, and trekked down onto the dog friendly beach. Bertie came off the lead for the second time ever on a walk – and he was wonderfully behaved.

Busby has taken a fancy to one of my old phone cases, and keeps pretending that she has a phone like a grown up. She’s so desperate to be older at the moment. *sob* Anyway, it came onto the beach with us for a bit… until she realised it was hindering her shell collecting!

We did our typical Harding: “We will have our picnic on the beach. Even if it’s almost 0°C and snowing”. As Nick said at the time, it’s all character building!

After an hour and a half on the beach, we retreated back up the hill and into the car for warmth and homemade ginger cake.

I’m so happy we’ve discovered Mappleton (thank you Emma!). It’s only 35 minutes away from our village, so we’ll definitely be returning throughout the seasons for more dog walks – and perhaps a spot of fossil hunting.


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  1. 22nd January 2018 / 9:10 pm

    Gorgeous photos, Hannah!

    Had to laugh at B and the phone case as Jasmine is currently obsessed with carrying a sticklebrick around with her and pretending it’s a phone.

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