Interiors // Finishing touches for a botanical-inspired room

Recently I’ve gone rather bonkers for all things botanical. I’ve always bought fresh flowers from our local florist, but I seem to be taking it even further with bedding covered in house plants, stocking up on beautiful floral prints from amazing makers, and an obsession with botanical wallpaper. In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board full of it.

I’m on the verge of ordering some rather gorgeous wallpaper for my one of my next interiors projects (our bedroom), and it’s covered in flowers… and rhubarb (to appease my Yorkshire husband).

But before I start on the bedroom, I’ve got our family room in my sights.

It’s on my list of rooms to overhaul – and obviously, it’s going to be botanically-inspired! The room gets so much light that it reminds me of an orangery at times. So I want to take this idea and run with it… I have plans to paint the dining chairs green, wallpaper the back wall with floral gorgeousness, and hang plants everywhere.

Nick is despairing; I am excited!

As well as plants, I want to finally get round to hanging lots of photos in the room. There really is nothing quite like getting your own photos printed and displaying them on the wall for everyone to admire.

Saying this, it usually takes me a while to get round to actually printing the photos – case in point being the photo book that arrived in January featuring Siblings photos from the last two and a half years!

But when I do finally get them printed, I love to display them creatively in our house.

In pursuit of the perfect picture frames, I gave a little squeal of joy when I came across the Cox & Cox website. They have a gorgeous selection of unique frames that would work perfectly in my botanical space – especially to display photos of the children out and about in the countryside. They would also work well with the vintage floral prints I have in mind too – and would be a lovely way to display some of Busby’s drawings.

These are some of my favourites from their collection:

Aren’t they beautiful? They have such a lovely delicate, vintage feel to them, and they’re so different from your usual run-of-the-mill wooden Swedish warehouse frame. They would look beautiful with a floral wallpaper backdrop behind them too.

Ooh, I’m off dreaming now!


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