Adventures // Humber Bridge Country Park & Fraisthorpe Beach

This weekend has been so wonderful – what a fantastic start to half term! I’m writing this on Monday evening, as Nick has had today off so ‘Beach Sunday’ has been on Monday this week.

Saturday was a very quiet day for us. We wanted to get the house into some sort of order ahead of our friends coming round that evening – and also half term – so the kids played together whilst we cleaned and tidied. 

Sunday was infinitely more exciting in terms of adventures! We spent the morning wondering where we should take Bertie for a walk and finally decided upon the Humber Bridge Country Park. We often do the Foreshores walk, but haven’t actually been into the country park together, so we packed a picnic and piled into the car.

There haven’t been many times when I feel like I’ve nailed being a parent, but we spent a good hour building a den in the woods – followed by the consumption of H-Bear and I’s homemade cupcakes next to said den. When I was pregnant with Busby, I always wondered what sort of mother I would be. I hoped I would be something of a ‘Mary Poppins meets Bear Grylls hybrid’, and I completely achieved that in this moment!

Thanks to the Hey Duggee stick episode, H-Bear is a bit obsessed with the idea of building a campfire, so once our den was made that’s all he would talk about. We had some logs left over from the fireplace, so we decided to have an impromptu fire and sparkler evening when we got home. It was ace!

Nick was off on Monday and the sun was shining, so we decided to return to Fraisthorpe for a walk and another frozen picnic.

H-Bear (obviously) filled his boots with the sea again…

And I embarrassed my daughter by doing some star jumps on the sand…

I’ve made another little video this week of more snapshots from the weekend, if you fancy watching more of our adventures.

My mum will be up from Sussex next weekend, so expect more adventures!


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  1. 17th February 2018 / 2:12 pm

    What gloriously muddy fun! I cracked up at “Mary Poppins/Bear Grylls hybrid” – I think I missed a trick here. 😀 #OurWeekendHappy

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