Instagram // #WhereMyWelliesTakeMe: March 2018

Hello and welcome to March’s #WhereMyWelliesTakeMe round up! (You can catch up with the past couple of months here)

If you missed this post introducing #WhereMyWelliesTakeMe, then let me explain. #WhereMyWelliesTakeMe is an Instagram community I started in January 2018, celebrating adventures in our wellies. We wear our wellies for about 80% of the year in this household, and love going on adventures, so I thought it would be a lovely way to ‘meet’ new people on Instagram and create a community who also loves an adventure!

To join in, just use the hashtag #wheremywelliestakeme in your caption or comments on any photos of outdoor family adventures. I feature a weekly round up of my favourite pictures every week on Instagram Stories, and a monthly round up of my favourites over here on the blog on the last day of each month.

The hashtag has been used on over 1300 photos now! So instead of doing a round up of my favourite accounts from the past month, I’ve chosen 16 photos that I have adored:

Top left: @theordinarylovely // Top right: @mrsamyfoxblog // Bottom left: @spud_and_pudding // Bottom right: @genuineplacebo84

Top left: @scrapbook.lives // Top right: @beyondthegardenfence // Bottom left: @treasureeverym // Bottom right: @candidlyrhubarb

Top left: @verymuchsoblog // Top right: @mygingersandme // Bottom left: @itsagingerbreadlife // Bottom right: @ourenchantedwood

Top left: @the_dots_and_me // Top right: @enchanted_days_of_mine // Bottom left: // Bottom right: @betty_and_barnaby

What a crazy mixture of weather in these photos! Fingers crossed April will be less unpredictable weather-wise and we can maybe start to get rid of the coats? Maybe?!

A huge thank you to everyone who has joined in so far – I adore scrolling through the hashtag feed and seeing your adventures! I can’t wait to see where April and the Easter Holidays take you all.


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