Travel // Child Car Safety Tips You Need to Know

In many cases, the act of buying a car happens when you start a family. You need to find a car that makes family travelling much more relaxed, especially if you often go on long journeys. Some families may consider the option of leasing cars for travelling purposes. For this option, you can be sure to get the best deals from

Keep safety in mind when travelling with children

Before embarking on any journey with a child, always make their safety your first concern. Check tyre pressures etc if you’re travelling by car. Also, if you’re flying to your destination, most airlines allow two pieces of child-related baggage in the hold – which can include car seats.

Choose correct and compatible car seats

Getting the right car seat is vital in ensuring that your child is safe in the car. You should choose a car seat that corresponds to your child’s age and size. Using a poorly fitting car seat may be unsafe for your child in the event of an accident. You should also research restraints that match the international car safety standards for children.

Try before you buy

It is always advisable to ensure that the car seat you select for your child will properly fit in your car. It should also be easy to install. As such, most stores will give you a chance to try the seats in your car before you make your purchase. Some will offer the best lease options on vehicles, car seats and other car accessories. Make an informed decision at the best leasing company to ensure you get the best deal.

Backward is the best solution

It is advisable to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible. This practice is highly recommendable because it is the best for keeping children safe. Backward facing ensures that your child’s head, neck, and spine are properly supported, thus minimising injury risk in case an accident occurs. Moreover, if you the child can comfortably fit in the car seat, always place them in the back seat of a car. Passengers sitting in the front seats face a higher injury risk during an accident.

Keep the child lock on

Children can be very curious – and some may even try to open the car door when it’s in motion, which is obviously extremely dangerous. To avoid this, make sure that your car has the child lock on. Under no circumstance should your child manage to open the door unless the driver disables the lock. Moreover, you should look before you lock the car door to ensure that your child is comfortable and in a good state.

Make sure to keep warm without a coat

Children should never wear a coat whilst strapped into a car seat. This is due to the compression caused during a crash and can be fatal. Consider using other solutions to keep your children warm. You can get some lovely car blankets (that’s what we use).

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