Motherhood // Cutting Costs with a New Baby

When you’re about to give birth to your first baby, you’ll find that plenty of worries and concerns cross your mind. Not only will you have the standard anxieties about parenthood and how you’re going to raise your youngster, but you’re also likely to face a few fears about how you’re going to make ends meet with your new arrival too.

Looking after a baby isn’t just a huge lifestyle shift – it’s also something that’s bound to turn your finances upside down too. No matter how well you budgeted your spending before you got pregnant, you’re going to have to work extra hard to make sure that you can afford everything when the new baby comes. If you’re freaking out about your finances, don’t panic. There are a few ways you can save money and make sure that you’re ready when your bundle of joy gets here.

1. Look for Coupons and Free Samples

While you can find freebies for just about anything online, it’s particularly easy to find mother packs and new baby giveaways online that you can get your hands on. Manufacturers are keen to get their products into the hands of new mothers, so make sure that you start searching for coupons and freebies as quickly as possible. You can find them on baby websites, forums, and even social media pages too.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to get your hands-on things like free lotions, ointments, and even a couple of free nappies if you’re lucky too! You can even ask your midwife if there are any free samples going spare when you’re at the hospital.

2. Consider Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can help to save money; although it’s not as ‘free’ as society likes you to think. Formula is quite pricey, however, and not having to spend money on tubs every week will save you a fair amount.

There are plenty of classes out there that will help you to improve your chances of successful breastfeeding, and you can also get some support and tips from the midwives and breastfeeding peer supporters at the hospital too.

3. Be Wary with the Wardrobe

One of the most exciting things you can do when you’re pregnant is stock up on supplies for the new baby. Shopping for a new child can be a dangerous thing. As soon as you see those adorable little outfits and toys, it’s tempting to spend all of your cash right there and then. Unfortunately, doing this can waste a lot of your hard-earned cash. New-born babies can have rapid growth spurts, and some aren’t always born at the “newborn” size.

Additionally, it’s worth avoiding spending money on shoes entirely. While booties and socks are fine, the chances are that your baby isn’t really going to use an adorable pair of £30 shoes that you bought to match their new outfit. Babies learn how to walk faster when they’re not wearing anything on their feet at all.

4. Look for Other Ways to Save

You’d be surprised how many baby-food companies and baby brands are happy to give away freebies and coupons if you sign up for their email newsletter. This can be a great way to stock up on the items you need. You can even sign up for parent clubs where you earn points that you can spend on essential items every time you purchase a pack of nappies.

Aside from coupons and vouchers, you can also consider getting crafty. For instance, learn how to knit and make a blanket for your new arrival, or make your baby food using some tips and guidance online. This will help to save you a lot of cash and give you a new hobby.

5. Remember to Borrow and Use Second-Hand

Finally, while we all want the best for our children, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to splurge on brand-new items. While some things you won’t be able to buy second-hand, there’s always the option to spend on things like pushchairs and baby bouncers that you find in charity stores. All they need is a good clean and they’ll be ready to go.

If you don’t find anything you like second-hand, you can always consider asking friends with children if you can borrow some of the items they’re no longer using (and you’ll probably find a lot of friends give you bundles of clothes anyway!).

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