Baking a Bun // 10 weeks pregnant

Sunday 6th May 2018

10 weeks today and apparently Bun is the size of a lego man. I swear I’m feeling some little flutterings inside, but then (like a lot of things in pregnancy) it’s probably just gas. Sexy.

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Well, I haven’t managed my day off today! Sigh. Maybe next week?!

We’ve just had the most wonderful Bank Holiday weekend though, where the sunshine perked me up considerably and gave me lots of energy. I’m suffering a bit today; I’m wondering whether I overdid it a little.

I’m feeling very much like a nauseous potato at the moment. My bump is sort of here, but it’s probably more bloating than actual baby at the moment… I feel like I’ve done a Vicar of Dibley and have eaten 5 lunches, rather than looking pregnant. I know it’s early days, but when the weather is so gorgeous like this I feel lumpy and frumpy rather than glowing!

I’ve found myself getting out of breath quite easily over the past week, which has annoyed me, so I’m going to start swimming in the next couple of weeks to try and keep my fitness levels up. I walk 3+ miles a day anyway, and have two small children, but I don’t want to lose my fitness levels.

Friday 9th May 2018

I’ve worked out what this horrible taste in my mouth reminds me of: dandelions! It’s like when you accidentally get dandelion goo on your hands, forget and then eat something… it’s a disgusting, bitter taste.

It’s been a good week – I’ve been motivated and I’m feeling strong! The complete opposite to how I felt in H-Bear’s pregnancy where everything and anything set my anxiety off. This week I’ve ordered my provisional drivers licence because I’ve made the decision to learn to drive before I have this baby, as it will make everything SO much easier! And I’ve also booked H-Bear and I into a Toddler class during the summer term. I hate mum and baby groups, so this is a big step for me – and it will also mean routine and having to get certain trains at certain times, but I really feel like I need to do this to prove to myself that I can. I don’t want to let my anxiety win in this pregnancy.

I’m off to York tomorrow to meet one of my oldest friends for lunch and to do some shopping. I can’t wait! Sunday is probably going to be spent asleep though…


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