Baking a Bun // 3-4 weeks pregnant

Monday 26th March 2018

I had a wonderful dream last night that I was pregnant. I had two positive pregnancy tests in the dream and then randomly my granny appeared, put her hand on my tummy and said “It’s a boy”. I woke up feeling so excited and positive!

I have no idea when my period is due this month – my apps are telling me different things – so I took a test this morning and I think there was a very faint positive line. It may well be an evaporation line, but I have everything crossed that it’s not. I’m going to keep taking a test every morning now and pray that line gets bolder and bolder!

All I’ve wanted for the past couple of weeks is cheese and mango chutney together… and I’ve been adding extra chilli to everything – but then that could be down to my tonsillitis and not being able to taste anything! Is it a craving? I haven’t really had any other signs of pregnancy.

Tuesday 27th March 2018

I took another test this morning and it was positive! Nick gave me a huge hug – we’re both completely over the moon!

I downloaded the Ovia pregnancy app which places me at the end of 3 weeks pregnant. I’ve never tested positive this early before with any of my pregnancies, so I keep joking that it’s twins. I’m due at the beginning of December, so we might have another Christmas baby! I loved having Busby at Christmas – it made everything all the more magical.

We told our parents this evening, and they were so happy (and very emotional)! I hope this baby sticks. I’m really trying not to worry and I’m keeping positive with my hypnotherapy visualisations.

Wednesday 28th March 2018

I took another test this morning (I think this might be a common theme!) and the line was even bolder. I also turn 4 weeks today!

I’ve been feeling super tired and a bit nauseous. We have a playdate tomorrow, so I’m trying to get the house in a reasonable state, but really I just want to sit down and binge watch The Good Place…

I’ve already gone off tea, which makes me quite sad – but I haven’t had any adverse reactions to cutting caffeine out, so I’m taking this as a good thing! I’m also craving oat milk chai lattes from our local vegan café… I’ve tasked Nick with finding some chai powder, as the chai teabags aren’t quite doing it for me.

Thursday 29th March 2018

Today has been quite stressful and I’ve been having quite a few cramps. I took a pregnancy test this morning and the line was lighter, so I’m panicking that I’m having a chemical pregnancy and this baby isn’t going to stick.

I put some relaxing spa music on this morning while I was cleaning the kitchen, and my oil burner with lavender and rosemary in it. That really helped me chill out a bit. I’m going to take another test in the morning – hopefully it won’t be lighter again.

Friday 30th March 2018

I took another test this morning and it was so bold. It’s made me very happy; I feel like I can relax again.

I’m really craving lying in the bath – which I had in H-Bear’s and our lost baby’s pregnancies – so I might be heading to Lush tomorrow while I’m in town.

I think the cramps may well be stretching pain? Which again makes me wonder whether this might be twins!?! I just feel like there’s more there than there usually is at this point, if that makes sense?

We’ve decided to book a private reassurance scan for when we get back from Scotland in a couple of weeks. The nurse in the Early Pregnancy Unit at the hospital told me that they don’t routinely offer early scans unless you’ve had three miscarriages, but that I could always say I’m having a few pains or bleeding and the doctor would refer me. However, I really feel like it’s tempting fate… plus the idea of going back to EPU makes me want to cry ugly tears. So I’d much prefer to pay for a private scan. This place has come recommended too, and I feel good about this decision.


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  1. 14th May 2018 / 9:37 am

    Oh Hannah, what a lovely little series – I can’t wait to keep up with your pregnancy diary!

    Would you be pleased with twins? I think it’d be amazing but lots of hard work!


    • Hannah
      14th May 2018 / 1:06 pm

      Thanks so much Lucy!

      I would love twins, but our scan at 7 weeks showed one jellybean baby… although with what happened to Alison at her 12 week scan, I guess you never know! xx

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