Motherhood // Encouraging Children to Tidy Their Bedrooms

While not the most exciting of tasks, cleaning and tidying are necessary chores. It’s something we all must do and as such, it’s one of the skills every child needs to learn.

Because it can be a bit boring, you may be struggling to find ways to get your children to take charge of their room. While, as a parent, this can add to your stresses.

To help you, here are some ways to make tidying up easier, fairer and more fun.

Choose the Right Storage

Kids rooms should be about having fun and expressing their personalities, but they also need to be practical – these are great. When choosing storage for their rooms, make sure it’s within their reach. Also think about choosing shelves, so they can proudly display their favourite toys. Or choose trunks in bright colours or with fun themes, like pirates or princesses.

Make it a Game

A great idea for little ones is to turn cleaning up into a game. This helps them get into the habit early on, in an enjoyable way. Count how many toys they put away or ask them to put certain items in different coloured boxes, to encourage learning as they tidy.

Time to Declutter

Kids grow up too quickly – why can’t they stay small?! Which means they outgrow their toys fast. As such, their bedrooms are often filled with toys that aren’t used, which makes tidying seem like a much bigger job. To solve this, get your kids involved with a declutter session. This teaches them about charity and encourages them to share, while helping to make their room more manageable.

Let Them Decorate

It makes sense that if your kids love their bedrooms, they’re more likely to take care of them. Make them feel more grown up and let them choose some things for their room. This could be a new lamp, fun accessories, or some cool kids curtains like these.

Be Fair with Rules

Consistency is essential when getting your children to take responsibility for their bedrooms, which means you need to establish ground rules. This could be tidying before bed every night, making beds in a morning, or setting a limit on how many toys can be out at one time.

Lead by Example

It’s unrealistic to expect kids to tidy up their bedroom if your own room is covered with piles of clothes. Although being a parent is a lot of hard work and time can be tight, aim to set a good example. Let them see you tidying and they’re more likely to do the same.

There you have it, six ways to get your kids tidying their rooms. Of course, you may have to adapt these slightly depending on the age of your children, but hopefully these provide a little help.

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