Siblings // May 2018

This month’s Siblings Project came around far too quickly! Even while typing in the title above, I had to check my phone to make sure it was indeed May.

Obviously the big news this month, is that (all being well), come end of November/beginning of December, we will be a family of five (well, six if you include Bertie). So Siblings will feature three little people in December, rather than just the two cheeky monkeys that currently pop up.

(Here’s the announcement incase you missed it!)

We are very excited (if a little apprehensive), and I am thankful that the first trimester is finally coming to an end. It has been rather torturous… I swear it gets worse with each pregnancy!

This month’s photos were taken in Nut Wood, which is a couple of miles away from our village. It was our first proper exploration of the woods (Busby and I have had a small jaunt before, but didn’t get very far), and it was absolutely divine.

There was a sea of wild garlic in the woods, and we even managed to find some bluebells (yay!).

H-Bear turns three next month, so taking nice photos of him (actually looking at the camera) is getting harder and harder… He knows that sticking out his tongue will annoy me – so he does it and waggles it about, giggling away!

I’d forgotten how much more difficult the age of three is than two. The levels of frustration from him because we don’t always understand what he’s saying, or because he wants something and he wants it now, despite us saying “no” continuously, are extreme. Much patience is needed!

Busby is whizzing along as usual this month. We are eagerly awaiting half term as she’s ready for the break. I can’t believe she’s almost finished her first year of school!

H-Bear and Busby have been playing wonderfully together this month. Obviously they have their fair share of bickering and squabbling too, but on the whole, they’re friends and play the most fun, imaginative games! Also, both are absolutely obsessed with board games, so we’ve had some lazy afternoons playing endless rounds… which I’m more than happy to do because it requires minimal effort from a very exhausted me! Bring on the second trimester.


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The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. 15th May 2018 / 10:19 pm

    Love these shots and what an amazing find, bluebells are one of my favourites! We also have the funny faces thing in photos so I have learnt to love the candid shot too!

    • Hannah
      16th May 2018 / 9:30 am

      You know I love a candid shot – but occasionally it’s nice to see his smile 🙂 xx

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