Pregnancy // 16 things I’d forgotten about pregnancy

I’m 17 (almost 18) weeks into Bun’s pregnancy and with this being my fifth pregnancy, you’d think I would remember exactly how the next nine months are going to go down.

No. Not at all. It’s like as soon as you’re not pregnant anymore, almost every aspect of pregnancy (especially the not-so great things) disappears from your mind and all you can remember is having a beautiful bump, a touch of nausea and how wonderful it was to feel your baby kick.

So I’ve compiled a list of 16 things I had forgotten about being pregnant!

1. The exhaustion.

Oh my goodness. I have not stopped feeling tired for the past 17 weeks! The exhaustion has hit me so badly during this pregnancy.

2. The food binging.

Ah the food binging. When you’re trying not to eat too much food, but equally, the only thing that stops you feeling sick is eating. Pregnancy can be so cruel. Current favourites include cheesy chips with gravy, stir fry and cheese and tomato sandwiches. This baby wants calcium!

3. The random food cravings.

One of the first indications that I might be pregnant in this pregnancy was my craving for cheese and mango chutney sandwiches. Not something I’d ordinarily choose… I also wanted Nando’s peri-peri sauce on EVERYTHING (although I can’t even look at it anymore because I ate too much).

4. The aches, pains and cramps.

You forget that a certain amount of aching and stretching pain is normal… and that it happens throughout pregnancy. The leg cramps are extra fun though aren’t they?!

5. The having to remember to take folic acid/vitamins.

I learnt during H-Bear’s pregnancy that pregnancy vitamins make me feel more ill, so I’ve been taking vitamin D and folic acid separately. But my tired brain struggles to remember to take these… or to remember whether I’ve already taken them that day.

6. The lack of ‘get up and go’. Even when you’re usually the most motivated person in the world.

I struggle with this one a lot, as I’m usually really motivated – especially about work. But pregnancy turns me into a sloth. Sorry to everyone waiting for an email reply from me at the moment!

7. The ‘pregnancy hangover’.

I swear I look back on all of my pregnancies and think “it can’t have been as bad as this before?!”. I’m definitely suffering from the worst ‘pregnancy hangover‘ yet. It just keeps on going… I was sick again yesterday morning. Give me a break baby! I’m almost halfway through now!

8. Carrying pots of wee about.

Possibly one of the weirdest things about pregnancy is carrying a pot of wee in your bag to your midwife appointments. I always wrap in it a plastic bag, just in case it leaks (yuck!), but still – it’s really odd when you think about it. The pre-appointment trip to Coop for a bottle of water, and all I can think is: “I have a pot of wee in my bag.”

9. The maternity jeans. And how bloody comfy they are.

I’ve been in maternity jeans since 6 weeks and I have NO regrets. This is the last time I’m going to be able to wear these and I am making the most of them (although I might keep a pair for Christmas dinners and all you can eat buffets…). My mum has just bought me a pair of maternity shorts too – ever so wonderful in this heatwave!

10. The weird taste in your mouth.

It’s been different in every pregnancy, but this pregnancy my mouth has tasted like dandelions. Not ideal. I’ve become slightly obsessed with brushing my teeth!

11. The excitement mixed with fear.

So much excitement (and disbelief that I’m still pregnant!), but there’s always that little niggle of fear in the background that says: “Something is going to go wrong”.

12. The tea and coffee aversion.

Almost 18 weeks in and I’m still not able to stomach my favourite beverage (tea) yet… I’ve had the very occasional coffee, but always end up cursing myself because I get indigestion!

13. The scan countdowns.

I’m having extra scans during this pregnancy; I’m working with ‘Window to the Womb’ for our gender scan and also for a 4D scan, which makes the wait between scans less and will hopefully help reassure me. Scans are both nerve wracking and exciting.

14. The mood swings.

One minute I’m jolly, and the next minute I’m raging. The rage usually happens if I’m hungry… Also, I almost sobbed ugly tears the other day with H-Bear when he let go of his birthday balloon. I felt like my heart was breaking!

15. Inability to sleep through the night without needing to pee.

This one is exhausting me at the moment! Please just let me snooze bladder… I’m not going to be sleeping much come December.

16. Love of beige food.

ALL THE BEIGE FOOD! Current favourites include sandwiches, mac & cheese and hash browns. To be honest, most things with cheese please me greatly in this pregnancy!

So there we have it… Would you add anything to this list?


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  1. 28th June 2018 / 11:09 am

    I think I’ve laughed myself silly with this post. Flat shoes and pee pots and having to wee CONSTANTLY!!! Carrying about notes and being herded into the midwifes tiny office and knowing how much weight you’ve put on to the gram every bloody week great read babe!

  2. 28th June 2018 / 11:59 am

    Ha, I just remember an overwhelming tiredness and constant nausea with mine..and it got worse with each of my three pregnancies. The last being the worst. The only way was to eat constantly!

  3. Rosie
    28th June 2018 / 9:29 pm

    Allllll the tiny tears. I honestly keep bursting into full blown sobbing! Husband thinks I’m very odd. And all the food. Maternity shorts are my life right now! 17 weeks tomorrow! Also, maternity leggings… wow.

  4. 29th June 2018 / 9:41 am

    Hahah the love of beige food made me laugh, this was so me for each of my five babies! I couldn’t get enough of pastry!

  5. 1st July 2018 / 10:01 pm

    Nausea and Vomiting and Tiredness for all 41 weeks. I think back and I think I have blocked out most of my pregnancy because of how poorly I felt.

  6. 1st July 2018 / 10:21 pm

    Love this. So so true. I was rubbish with remembering to take my vitamins in my second pregnancy and yes, beige food is the nuts!

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