Baking a Bun // 13 weeks pregnant

Friday 1st June 2018

I’ve been terrible at writing updates this week. Sorry; I blame half term!

We’ve had a really lovely half term, but we have NOT stopped… and consequently I am shattered. We have had plans every day. Plans that have involved a lot of me being on my feet, social interaction and generally trying to cover up just how exhausted and sick I feel. But, as the guy on the door at soft play said to me today: “Come in and have a well-needed rest!” which I can only take to mean that I must look horrendously tired! (But I did actually manage to sit still and rest while the kids played with their friends! Land of dreams!)

So how have I been feeling this week except tired? Well, nausea has been prevalent once more. Not as bad as it has been in previous weeks, but still not great. Today, for example, has had me retching over bins on the walk to soft play… but no actual vomit, which is good!

Tiredness seems to exacerbate the nausea, which is why I’ve been feeling worse this week. I’m having to get up in the night at least once to pee every single night now… and then I’ve been having some intense dreams! Plus, as I said above, it’s been a very busy week! I’m hoping a weekend of rest might help.

My super sensitive pregnancy nose and taste buds have really heightened, to the point that I asked Nick what on earth he’d chopped the pizza up on this evening because it tasted and smelt of dishwasher…! Man, this baby really hates that dishwasher.

I’ve not had any intense cravings this week – although I have wanted peanut butter on toast quite a lot and I’ve also been eating bananas, which isn’t something I usually eat out of choice. Fizzy drinks have been giving me heartburn, but I’m so bored of water at the moment!

I’ve been feeling the baby a bit more this week. Just a few more flutterings, but they’re reassuring nonetheless. According to my app, Bun weighs about 24g, which really isn’t anything at all if you think about it!

Saturday 2nd June 2018

I slept until almost 10am this morning! Thank goodness Nick is so understanding when it comes to this pregnancy malarkey! I’ve definitely felt better for it… although I did have a nap this afternoon too. My body is so exhausted.

I had a dream last night that Bun was a boy. He was a very long baby and we called him something that isn’t on our list. I can’t quite believe that I’m going to be 14 weeks tomorrow; it doesn’t seem real. I am SO thankful that I am about to hit 14 weeks (and hopefully only have 2-4 more weeks of this nausea if this pregnancy continues along the same pattern as H-Bear’s).

I’ve forgotten to say in my last few updates that I’ve been waking up every morning with a really stuffy nose. I remember this from H-Bear’s pregnancy – and remember how it cleared instantly as soon as I gave birth to him. Pregnancy is crazy, hey?

Also, we’re now into June – which means we find out whether Bun is a boy or a girl THIS MONTH!!!! EEEEK!

Busby took this photo on one of our walks during half term. My eldest’s first photo of my youngest. ALL the heart eyes!


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  1. 7th June 2018 / 7:51 pm

    I’m just catching up on your updates and I completely empathise with the tiredness! Also, I’ve had a stuffy nose too – every morning and every evening, I’m really struggling to breathe and have the same symptoms as a really bad cold with my eyes and nose streaming yet I don’t feel poorly! The things we go through hey! xx

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