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What makes a royal wedding, royal? For starters, every element of the day runs smoothly as a team of organisers set about working tirelessly to ensure that every last detail is meticulously in order. All of this happens just before jet-setting to a wonderful island retreat with crystal clear waters and sand softer than silk. While you might not have a group of assistants, you do have Opodo’s expert guidance to finding the ultimate honeymoon. Unlock the secrets to having the perfect honeymoon by following the helpful directory, and find professional advice about the best destinations to choose from, and exciting activities to get involved in while you’re there enjoying your first getaway as a married couple.

Trending Destination

Opodo’s list of honeymoon trends and ideas might inspire you, and it includes road tripping in your chosen destination. 34% of people asked said that this was their favourite honeymoon activity, with an adventure tour coming in just behind it at 31%. Where you choose to go is going to affect which sources of fun you can opt for. Finding out how to choose the best location for your honeymoon is going to be valuable and sacrosanct information.

Your Spouse As Number One

You should consider all of the top destinations before narrowing down a list of possible and potential places. It’s very important that you both agree on where you wish to go. 33% of honeymooners agree that the secret to having the perfect honeymoon is to ensure that you’re able to compromise. After all, this could help you avoid a potential argument. It’s a sentiment to love to note that 42% of couples believe that focusing on their partner is the secret to having a perfect honeymoon. Put your spouse’s needs before your own if you want to join the actions of nearly half of couples.

Top Destination Choices

The best time to book flights is as soon as you’ve chosen your ideal destination. Plan your trip in advance to be sure that you’re completely happy with your chosen holiday. Sitting pretty at the top of favourite destinations to visit after tying the knot is the Maldives, followed then by Mauritius, and in at third place is the small Dutch Caribbean island off the coast from Venezuela, Aruba. 51% of 2000 people asked said that the Maldives deserved its title of being the favourite. Bali, Bora Bora, and New York weren’t far behind the top positions, as they too were voted ideal destinations for your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Activities

Most likely, the honeymoon that follows a royal wedding isn’t going to include traditional royal pastimes. Playing polo and pheasant shooting probably won’t top the list of most desired honeymoon activities. Instead, newlyweds crave a visit to the beach, to sightsee, and go to the spa, as astutely observed by Opodo’s research team. 69% of couples professed to want to relax on the beach, while 45% were in favour of going on safari, and 38% wished for foodie/gastronomic tours.

*Written in collaboration with Opodo following new research that reveals the ultimate honeymoon.*

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