Baking a Bun // 17 weeks pregnant

Monday 25th June 2018

I turned 17 weeks yesterday! 17 weeks! That just sounds so far along, doesn’t it? But in reality I’m less than halfway through.

Baby is the size of a Creme Brûlée this week (I bloody love the Ovia Pregnancy app) and Bun’s skeleton is ossifying.

I had my 16/17 week midwife check up this morning, which was really disappointing. Apparently they don’t listen to the heartbeat in our area until 28 weeks now, and I was in and out of the appointment within 10 minutes. The midwife was rather grumpy, so I proceeded to spend the appointment smiling and being extra cheerful to counteract the grump. The student midwife was LOVELY though! Very friendly, very chatty and generally a ray of sunshine.

All my bloods were fine. My wee was fine. And I’ve finally got the form for my maternity exemption certificate! I just felt very rushed, and questions about my mental health were a last minute after thought, when really they should be forefront for every single pregnant mother. I just hope she doesn’t turn up to my home birth… I may well be free-birthing if she’s on duty!

My left calf has been cramping badly today. I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed in pain to try and stop the cramps, and it’s been spasming all day… Nick gave me a lovely calf massage which has helped, and I’m about to hop in the bath. I remember having these during both Busby and H-Bear’s pregnancies. Why does all the bad stuff about pregnancy only come back to you when you’re actually pregnant??!

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Gosh, this week is going so slowly! I think it’s because I have my gender scan on Saturday and I’m crazy excited (and nervous)!

I’ve finally caught H-Bear’s cold, so I’ve spent today feeling pretty sorry for myself. I had a good nap when he napped earlier though, and Nick is currently making spicy food to help blast it away. Being ill during pregnancy AND a heatwave shouldn’t be possible…

Cravings this week have included cheese and cherry tomato sandwiches (again), and houmous and falafel.

Saturday 30th June 2018

We had our gender scan today with the lovely team at Window to the Womb (review to follow shortly)! And its a… well, I’ll be revealing that later this week.

This cold rages on – I felt better yesterday, but it’s been getting progressively worse again today and my chest is very painful this evening. I’m in London on Tuesday for work, so I have everything crossed that I’ll be feeling better for the long journey.

I can’t believe we’re only just coming to the end of 17 weeks. I said above that it has been the longest week, and it really has been! I think I was waiting for today with trepidation and excitement, which made time stand still. Thankfully we have no plans for tomorrow (except planning my gender reveal!) so a day in the garden, chilling out in the paddling pool is in order.

18 weeks tomorrow! Eek!


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  1. 2nd July 2018 / 3:39 pm

    I had exactly the same with my 16 week midwife appointment. Came away in tears as I was so looking forward to hearing the baby’s heartbeat and just knowing everything was ok and got nothing like that. It’s actually quite distressing.

    Talking to the consultant at an appointment the following week she told me it’s done as they were having so many midwives not be able to find a heartbeat, then worrying women who were sent to the hospital to actually find out that everything was fine and the midwife just hadn’t been looking in the right place (what the???) so they decided just to stop listening to the heartbeat until later in pregnancy. Not a decision I agree with at all!

  2. 3rd July 2018 / 7:23 pm

    Oh bless you. I felt very rushed at my last midwife appointment, which was the day I was 15 weeks. Mental health never even came up. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve moved house and I’m changing midwives, but I think I was in there about 5/6 minutes. Had my bloody and wee checked, she filled in my book, asked if I’d got sorted at my new surgery and sent me on my way! I’m so excited for your gender reveal, eek!

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