Baking a Bun // 19 weeks pregnant

Wednesday 11th July 2018

I turned 19 weeks pregnant on Sunday, but Nick is working away in Switzerland this week so I’m only just starting to document this week! It’s been a busy one so far!

Bun is currently the size of a Gameboy (about 6 inches long) and weighs about 8.5 oz. I’ve been feeling her movements a lot more this week, and she spent ages cartwheeling and wriggling around at about 6am the other morning. It’s always so reassuring to feel her move.

This week so far has been all about upset tummies. I don’t know whether it’s the heat (although it’s been a lot cooler the past few days), something I keep eating or just hormones. It’s not great on the school run though… and it always seems to strike whilst on the afternoon school run. So strange.

I’ve been craving chocolate A LOT this week. Every evening sees me turning to the larder in search of a sweet treat! Chocolate, fondant fancies and dolly mixture. Perhaps I’ve just needed the extra sugar to get me through the week?

Thursday 12th July 2018

Oh my goodness! Today I have discovered that Aldi do these salted caramel chocolate pots that are to die for…! Well needed after the busy day I’ve had.

My hips and pelvis are protesting about the amount I’ve walked today. They are not happy with me this week!

I’ve been sleeping surprisingly well with Nick away. I usually feel quite panicky when he’s away for the night, but I’ve got myself into a good routine with bedtime, and I’ve been going to bed so tired. So, other than the essential pee in the night, I’ve been sleeping through.

Saturday 14th July 2018

Nick is home! Yay! We went to meet him at the station this morning and we are all so very happy to see him! He’s promised me a lie in tomorrow, gave me an amazing foot rub this evening, cooked me steak AND has booked me a pampering pregnancy massage for next weekend. I can’t wait! He should go away more often* (*no. No he should not!).

20 weeks tomorrow, which means I’m ‘officially’ halfway through. This pregnancy is flying by! I can’t believe she’ll be here in 17-22 weeks! I told Nick this earlier… his response was “Oh wow! We need to start getting ready!” And we really do. I need to get up into the attic to sort through all of the baby clothes we have, and then we need to start searching for bunk beds! And continue Christmas shopping, because nothing will happen once she’s here (except Busby’s birthday, of course. No pressure!).


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