Pregnancy // Kids say the funniest things

Busby is completely intrigued by my pregnancy, and consequently has been asking A LOT of questions about the impending(ish) arrival of her new sibling. H-Bear doesn’t really understand what’s happening yet, and other than his little hand resting on my bump (which is gorgeous!), he hasn’t shown much of an interest.

The questions from Busby have been numerous and quite hilarious at times. A few weeks ago, over breakfast, she asked me whether Nick could film my “hole getting bigger” during labour so she could watch it back. And then the other day, she was rather concerned about my pelvic floor, asking me “Will you wee yourself when your waters break, Mummy?” 

If everything goes to plan, I’m hoping for another home birth, so I was talking to Busby about this on the way home from school:“Can you have the baby at night, so I can wake up and then she’ll be there before I go to school?”  she asked. I explained that it doesn’t always work out like that, and it might be that she’s there after school one day instead. To which she replied: “Well, ok, but I’d like it more if she arrived at night.”

I am thoroughly enjoying these questions and statements – they’re funny and insightful, and I love that she’s taken such an interest in this pregnancy and giving birth. She’s so curious… although I dread to think what she’s discussing in school during circle time!

It seems I’m not alone with siblings saying hilarious things about pregnancy and their future siblings arrivals.

When I posted about this last week, I received so many funny comments that I thought I’d share some of them in a post! Emily from Emily and Indiana said:

“My eldest asked if the baby was going to come out of my belly button! I’m glad she didn’t!”

I love that Kaye from Hello Archie‘s little boy exclaimed:

“That baby is going to be really good at swimming, Mummy!”

When she told him the baby lived in water in her tummy. How cute is that?!

Amber’s (Meet the Wildes) little boy had an incredible conversation with his grandma about his new sibling:

Grandma: “And when the baby is bigger, he or she will POP! out of Mummy’s tummy.”

Lysander: “No, Grandy! The baby is going to come out of Mummy’s vulva!”

He’s certainly educated! And, as Amber said: “At least he believes in me!”

I thought Franki’s (Wonderful Chaos) comment was SO cute!

“When we told Luca I was pregnant and showed him the tiny 6 week blob scan, he said that it was probably just a grass seed like Ronnie (our dog) had stuck in his foot.”

And Fiona’s (Watching You Grow) comment made me laugh so much:

“We got our daughter (then 3) a book about how babies are made, which she then read to the student midwife at a home visit. So while I was having my checks, all I could hear was Ebony saying: ‘How do you think the baby got in Mummy’s tummy? Did Daddy plant a seed in the garden and water it? No. Was it something to do with a stork? No! He put his penis in her vagina.’ Awkward…”

What’s the best thing your little person has said about your pregnancy or birth? I’d love to hear your stories!


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  1. 30th July 2018 / 3:24 pm

    This is so funny! Kids literally say the funniest things…as well as being highly embarrassing at times!

  2. 31st July 2018 / 11:23 pm

    Kids literally come out with some awesome things when you’re pregnant! Even though Ellis was seven when I was pregnant with G the things he said were hilarious, and a bit embarrassing

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