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Trainers are a wardrobe staple, for most of us. They are a great option for everybody in the family, but today I thought I would take a closer look at what is available for men this year. I was in part inspired to write this post while browsing through the Jacamo website. They have over 300 different pairs available, so finding a suitable pair should be relatively easy.

Classic canvas plimsoles

When it comes to fashion, generally speaking, sticking to the classics is a good way to go. Canvas plimsoles certainly fall into that category. It is hard to believe that this style of footwear was first made in the 1830s. The earliest pairs had no laces, just a small elasticised section to enable the wearer to stretch the shoe a bit to put them on. Over the years, they have undergone several changes, but, the basic design remains the same because they are both practical and good to look at.

The canvas baseball shoe is a variation of this style of casual sports style shoe. These are the perfect option for a man who needs a little ankle support. Although, they are a little hot to wear in the weather we have been having lately.

Perhaps the only drawback with this type of shoe is that it takes a bit of extra effort to keep them clean. However, provided you use the method described here, you should be able to keep them in good condition for a year, or so. Plus, if you prefer, this year, you can also buy plimsoles made from leather.

Trail shoes

It is great to see trail runners making a bit of a comeback. They usually offer a higher than normal level of support, which makes them especially comfortable. Not everyone likes the thicker soles, but they do look a bit more interesting than traditional trainers do.

Turf football boots

If you are looking for a smart, almost shoe like trainer, turf football boots could be the perfect answer. They have a slimline profile, are lightweight and it is relatively easy to find them in leather. Perhaps the only problem is that they are mostly made in quite bright colours, like yellow. Although Gola does make a classic pair of retro trainers that look similar to turf boots. These are available in black with white stripes.

Trainers with suede uppers

For the man who is looking for a smart pair of trainers, a pair with suede uppers could be a great fit. They are, typically, very simply styled, so they are perfect for wearing when shoes are too formal, but trainers are too casual.

Classic white trainers

White trainers go with most things, so, unsurprisingly, many men like to keep a pair in their wardrobe. Amongst the best selling ones, this year, are the retro Adidas Superstar model. Their simple styling means that they appeal to the majority of men.

More fashion ideas

I have written quite a few other clothing related posts. For example, these children’s fashion articles, which you can read by clicking the link.

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