Parenthood // The damage children do to flooring

Having children is an incredible experience, but with the joy, love, and happiness a child brings, so do they bring mess, stains and damage! Unfortunately, nowhere suffers more than your interiors. As you welcome a new baby into the family home, you can wave goodbye to pristine white carpets. In a recent survey, conducted by Selco Builders Warehouse two-thirds of parents asked said that their floor was the number one victim to their children. From spilling drinks to unfortunate accidents, the flooring in your home can take the hit when it comes to your little ones, with a huge 86% of damage being done to carpet alone. The survey certainly makes for interesting reading! We look at it further below:

The Price of Repairs

Laying flooring in a home is an expensive affair, with prices reaching into the £100s and even further for large rooms and open spaces. This price is, of course, dependent on the type of flooring you choose, with costs varying between carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile. It is often an expense which homeowners have to save for, which means getting it repaired is something they want to avoid. Unfortunately, the average repair price for fixing damaged flooring reaches £193. However, the survey discovered that the most expensive damage a child caused was a massive £3,000, which was due to a child spilling sticky, red Cherryade.

What Causes The Most Damage?

Children play; they enjoy mealtimes, and they love messy arts and crafts. These, understandably, take a toll on all aspects of the home, and especially the flooring. But what causes the most damage?

  • Drinks & Food: Knocking over a drink is easily done by adults, but young children especially often spill their drinks, and there will often be some part of their dinner which you will later find on the floor somewhere. If your toddler is enjoying spaghetti with tomato sauce one dinnertime, it will leave a large stain if dropped onto your carpet, whatever colour your carpet is.
  • Arts & Crafts: Exploring the wonderful world of painting is an exciting and fun activity for both parents and children alike, but it can leave its mark on your flooring. The research found that craft glue is a particular cause for damage.
  • Cosmetics: Much like exploring the world of painting, a young child may find their parent’s makeup collection and decide to try it out for themselves. The result? A red stain of lipstick on the carpet or hardwood flooring. Plus, the research found that cream (Sudocrem, etc.) was another reason why flooring was damaged.

Current Slime Obsession

Slime is a recent internet craze, and it is extremely popular with younger children. In fact, many parents have joined the trend and made their children their own homemade slime. However, it appears that slime is one of the biggest causes of flooring damage, with one parent having to pay out an incredible £2,000 to get the resulting mess fixed. The issue with slime is that it dries into the carpet, making it sticky and leaving a large stain. While there are homemade solutions, many parents now have to pay out to restore their flooring to its best.

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