Baking a Bun // 23 weeks pregnant

Friday 10th August 2018

Once again, the Summer Holidays are thwarting my writing! I can’t believe that I’m only just finding the time to sit down and write this now. We’ve been so busy this week that, consequently, each evening has been spent on the sofa feeling exhausted, watching some sort of zombie-related programme. I can’t resist zombies in pregnancy… it’s really strange. It’s like a non-food craving.

I’ve been having some crazy and intense dreams this week. Lots of running around and extremely vivid! Zombies have obviously featured… as has jumping onto tube trains. Not something I desperately want to try in London next week though, I must admit.

I finally got to the bottom of the surprise growth scan letter. My midwife called me back on Wednesday to explain that because Busby’s birth weight was under 7lb, I am now automatically entitled to extra scans. Apparently it’s an automated letter, and after a quick chat with her, we both came to the same conclusion that it probably wasn’t worth it. H-Bear was 8lb7oz and both children have been healthy (and it’s not like 6lb14oz is small anyway?!). Plus the Consultant said Bun was growing beautifully and that there was no need to see me again. So, unless my bump starts measuring small, I can avoid having to spend more time at the hospital than I need to. Hurrah!

Bun has been very active this week. Lots of kicking and twirling. She seems to favour 5am, which isn’t massively ideal, although it’s still lovely to know that she’s in there.

I now have a front-runner name for her, although Nick is still unsure. But then, he’s not really mad keen on any names, so I’m hoping he’ll come round to this one as he did with H-Bear’s name. I’ve been calling her it this week; wandering around the house doing chores and rubbing my bump. It feels like a good fit, so fingers crossed she’ll come out looking like the name!

Nick is on a stag do this weekend and I feel totally frazzled already. H-Bear is going through a ‘fun’ threenager stage at the moment, and I’m finding the Summer Holidays pretty intense as it is. The weekends are my time to pass the parenting reins over for a little bit so I can rest and don’t have to be constantly ‘on’… so I’m feeling quite fed up that I have to keep swimming this weekend without that respite. Nevertheless, he’ll be back on Sunday morning, and perhaps I’ll be able to sneak a nap in when he gets back? It’s times like this that I miss prosecco.

24 weeks on Sunday and the realisation that I’m technically full term in 13 weeks is hitting. That’s no time at all and we have SO much prep to do!


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  1. 20th August 2018 / 9:34 am

    Hope you managed to sneak in your Sunday nap! You sound like you’re soldiering on despite the summer holiday madness!

    We’ve been discussing names this week too and have a front runner but I’m worried I’ll go off it if we keep talking about it! Such a big choice isn’t it?

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