Baking a Bun // 25 weeks pregnant

Sunday 19th August 2018

Nick felt Bun move for the first time today! Phew! Finally! It’s been so frustrating as (previously) every time he has put his hand on my bump while she’s been kicking, she has stopped. But he finally felt her move this morning… while she was kicking Bertie in the head!

Bun is the size of a tarte tatin this week (yum!) and I’m feeling very happily bumpy now. I found all of my maternity clothes in the attic today, so I’ll be washing them this week in preparation for autumn. I also found my maternity coat from Busby’s pregnancy (I didn’t need one in H-Bear’s pregnancy as it was mostly spring/early summer when I was bumpy), which is great. Although it’s not waterproof, so I’m not sure what to do for the Lake District in October quite yet…!

As well as maternity clothes, we brought the baby clothes down from the attic. I really don’t need to buy anything else in terms of essentials… which is both a relief and a little disappointing, as baby clothing shopping is wonderful.

Monday 20th August 2018

I had my whooping cough jab today and my arm is SO sore! Ouch! The kids came with me and were so brilliant. In fact, it’s been a pretty good parenting day all round really. We made cookies this morning, we all nicely walked to the doctors, and H-Bear only had a small meltdown whilst waiting for food.

Tuesday 21st August 2018

Bleurgh. I’ve been in bed all day today as I’ve been feeling so rough. Headaches, nausea… I felt super sea sick last night. I don’t know whether it’s the whooping cough jab (the nurse said I’d feel like this in about 7-10 days so it feels a bit too early for that), or whether it’s a bug/hormonal.

Saturday 25th August 2018

I’m finally feeling more alive! My birthday was a bit of a write off yesterday due to exhaustion and still feeling rubbish, but we managed to have a good day with lots of yummy food. Nick made me a birthday cake, and we went out for lunch/a rather disastrous dog walk.

I can’t believe that I turn 26 weeks tomorrow. The third trimester is SO close and I really don’t feel ready in the slightest. We need to sort out the kids bedrooms, get bunk beds and move H-Bear in with Busby… then get the Snüzpod down from the attic (I’m hoping we’ll get lots more use out of it this time round, as H-Bear’s silent reflux meant he wanted to be upright most of the time), convert H-Bear’s bed back into a cot, wash ALL the clothes! Phew!

I have been nesting to the extreme this week. Lots of Pinterest surfing on my sick bed, and trying to convince Nick that neon/hot pink will work well in the living room (it’s going to look amazing!). I’ve also just ordered some new curtains for the living room, which will be perfect and cosy for winter. I think he might come home from work one day in the next few weeks and find that I’ve started painting random parts of the house…


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