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We’ve been in our house for just over three years now, and it’s finally getting to the point where I’m happy with each room. Although that probably won’t last long with Busby and H-Bear about to move into the same bedroom and share ahead of Bun arriving in December this year.

I must admit that I’ve been Pinteresting possible nursery ideas! A rainbow theme would be absolutely perfect… and with H-Bear starting pre-school in September, I’m going to have a little more time on my hands. It’s entirely possible that everyone will come home from school one day and I’ll have transformed the room. The joys of nesting!

Anyway, there are a few fixtures and fittings that I’m not so happy about in our current abode, and a big one of these is the horrible strip lighting in our kitchen.

Not only is it a fly (and consequently, spider) magnet, it’s also a ghastly, bright light that isn’t flattering in the slightest… plus it makes the already ugly artex ceiling look even more ugly. The artex is another thing I want to sort out, but that conversation is for another day.

I would love to replace the strip light in our kitchen with something more suitable. I am in love with exposed lightbulbs at the moment. With some of our favourite restaurants and cafés having gorgeous bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The E27 LED bulbs from LED Hut would be great for this sort of light installation – especially as LED bulbs last longer than traditional lightbulbs.

The dream would be to re-plaster the ceiling and have a line of lightbulbs hanging down at different lengths. I think it would look fantastic and so much more subtle than the current lighting situation!

For our living room, I’d like to completely get rid of the ceiling light (it doesn’t work anyway!) and have a series of floor lamps dotted around the room. Thus creating a cosy nook – especially as autumn/winter approach. I’m going to be spending lots of time snuggled up in blankets soon, feeding a baby, so cosiness is key!

I think another Pinterest board is on the brink of being created, dedicated solely to these lighting ideas. Ooh, I can’t wait to hibernate this Christmas… It’s going to be so special.


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