Siblings // August 2018

We’re halfway through the Summer Holidays, and I have to admit that I am rejoicing slightly… I adore my two children, but it is quite clear that after a set amount of time together, they do not adore each other!

Oh, the bickering! The winding up! The fights that have started to turn a little bit physical! Take me back to the land of routine. Please! Even if that does mean the dreaded school run.

This month’s photos were taken at Yorkshire Lavender. We went at the beginning of August after a few weeks of nagging from me to Nick that, because of the hot weather, the lavender would be fading quicker this year. It was a beautiful day. The lavender maze in particular was definitely taller than last year… with even more bees! But we had a great day exploring, picnicking and – in my case – trying not to fall asleep.

Disclaimer: There is fizzy elderflower in their glasses… not anything boozy!

It’s such a lovely place to explore.

Busby and H-Bear are tolerating each other over the summer. Busby and I are in Sussex this week for work and play, and I think the break away from each other will do them a whole world of good.

We’ve had days where they have played beautifully together all morning. Busby bossing H-Bear around, H-Bear happily obliging. But, then H-Bear suddenly remembers he usually has the monopoly on me and the toys while Busby is at school and the feral threenager in him takes over. It’s pretty exhausting and I feel like I’m constantly shouting when this happens. I think he’s looking forward to a return to the routine as well…

There will be three of them next summer! Eek! How will my sanity remain intact?! But also… how exciting!


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  1. 15th August 2018 / 12:40 pm

    Gorgeous pictures, as always! What a truly exciting summer you have ahead of you next year! 😉 x

  2. 16th August 2018 / 6:55 pm

    Beautiful photos, I do love lavender and you were right about it going over early. I hope all returns to normal once the school routine kicks in again, and how exciting thinking about next summer!

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