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Acing a job interview and landing the job of your dreams is the start of a whole new chapter of your life. But for many of us, the ordeal we put ourselves through every time we’re invited to an interview can feel like our downfall. Every one suffers with nerves before and during an interview, you could be the most confident person in the world, or an experienced business person with decades of experience – at the end of the day, when your being judged and scrutinised for a role you desperately want, nerves are a part of the experience.

Firms like Cygnet jobs can help you find your dream role, but you need to keep your nerves in check if you want your potential employers to select you over the other candidates. So, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can keep your nerves under control the night before your big day.


You’re probably familiar with your CV and know it like the back of your hand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it one last look over while you’re waiting to head into your interview, or even on the bus or train ride there. If you’re confident with your knowledge then you’ll be able to tackle any questions about your past employment, or education they might fire at you.

You can’t prep for every single question, but you can head online and do a little research into the most common interview questions; consider your own answers and you’re likely to be less tongue tied.

The night before

Those nerves already kicking in? Now is the time to keep busy and keep them at bay. Make sure you have your interview attire ironed, and your shoes neatly polished the night before. Keep all the elements of your outfit together so you’re not hunting for that lucky sock that’s suddenly gone missing.
Treat yourself to a nice bath or shower before you head to bed early. And stay off your smartphone too. If you go to bed happy, it’ll shine through to the morning.


If possible, try to arrange your interview time in a morning slot, rather than an afternoon session. This gives you less time to spend worrying and stressing about what’s ahead and you can wake up focused and ready – rather than wondering how you’ll kill time until the afternoon.

Getting there

Are you getting the right bus/train. If they have a reputation of being late, then get an earlier one. Once you’re on your mode of transport, you’ll feel a little pressure alleviate; you’re going to be on time. If you’re travelling by car, make sure you have enough fuel to get to where you need to be. There could be a delay at a petrol station which will only make you more nervous and stressed. It’s worth practising the journey a couple of times so you know the route and also have chance to scout out any potential parking spaces.

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