Baking a Bun // 26 weeks pregnant

Tuesday 28th August 2018

It’s my first designated working day for three weeks! A sure sign that the Summer Holidays have taken over life… but that the juggle struggle is almost over! Emotionally, I’m not looking forward to H-Bear being in preschool for 2.5 days a week, but I am rather looking forward to the working and napping time it’s going to give me.

I woke up feeling super sick again this morning. I’m not sleeping particularly well at the moment, as it’s starting to get really difficult to get comfy with the bump. Also, Bun very much enjoys saying hello at 3am, 4am and 5am… which I’m really hoping isn’t her way of preparing me for three months time.

Thursday 30th August 2018

I had a really busy day yesterday catching up with friends and exploring Hull, then only had around two hours sleep last night… so I have been feeling broken today. Yup, broken is the only way to describe it. The sort of broken where you can barely keep your eyes open. Thankfully H-Bear napped and Nick came back from work a couple of hours early so I could continue napping myself. He’s a star!

I did manage to dream during my two hours of sleep though, and I dreamt about Bun! I am so very excited to meet her now! In the dream, we gave her a name that was on our list for H-Bear (if he’d been a girl) and it suited her beautifully, so that’s gone to the top of the pile. Also, Nick likes the name (hooray!) so we might be on to a winner. Although choosing a middle name to go with it is proving more tricky… Perhaps we should just opt for ‘Bun’?

This week I’ve been craving salmon, chocolate and waffles. Dairy has been disagreeing with me quite a bit and Nick thinks I should cut it out to see whether that makes a difference. I just feel rather disgruntled as I’ve already had to cut out alcohol for 9 months, so cutting out cheese as well feels like some kind of mean torture. Pregnancy can be so fun, can’t it?!

Saturday 1st September 2018

Eek! It’s the 2nd September tomorrow, which means it will be exactly 3 months until my due date…! Not that she will arrive on the day.

I’m definitely in full-on nesting mode now, and I think I’m driving Nick a little bit crazy with all of my suggestions. I spent this morning touring the local charity shops in search of a candlestick that I can spray paint neon pink. I didn’t find one, but I did find an amazing vintage mirror for £2.99, so that’s going up on the wall. I just want to paint everything… it was great in H-Bear’s pregnancy because we’d just moved house so I had lots to do, from wallpaper stripping to painting and designing the kids’ rooms. This time round I’m finding it hard to sate the nesting desire.

27 weeks tomorrow… and the final week of the second trimester. Oh my…!


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