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For a long time now the minimalist, Scandinavian look has dominated. But, from the looks of things that is starting to change. Many home décor magazines and shows are now featuring rooms that are decorated in warmer colours. The good news is that if you want to recreate this new look in your own home you do not necessarily have to completely redecorate. Here are some relatively simple ways to start to introduce warm colours into all areas of your home.

Update your flooring

If your floors are looking a little tired resist the temptation to simply cover up the worst spots using rugs. Instead, treat yourself to a new floor with a walnut effect. It is a beautiful looking textured wood finish.

Most laminate flooring firms offer you a range of tones to choose between. If you want to add a little more richness to your home’s décor go for the redder tones. Caramel and dark walnut are two great options.

I suggest laminate flooring because it is extremely easy to install and is relatively cheap. Plus, provided you buy the right type it is incredibly hardwearing.

Incorporate some texture into your home decor

Generally speaking, textured interiors make a room feel cosier. There are lots of ways to add a little texture to a space. Perhaps the easiest approach is to use soft furnishings to do so.

If you want to, you could add a fluffy rug or throw. But, if that is not your style, do not worry because there are plenty of other options. Choosing lightly textured cushion or chair covers is another approach that can work. Or, you could simply add some texture to your walls by using the right types of wallpaper. Flock or anaglypta are two possibilities, but there are many others. You can easily find other textured wallpapers online and order yourself some samples.

Choosing textures that we associate with warmth is a particularly good approach. Knitted throws or pouf cushions are great examples of what I mean. When people see these textures their mind instantly thinks of jumpers and scarves, which are warm and cosy items. Seeing these particular textures tricks the mind and triggers the sensation of feeling comfortable and protected.

Choose warm colours

The colour palette you choose plays a significant role in how warm and welcoming your home feels. As a general rule, it is best to focus on using red, yellow or orange. On a subliminal level, these colours remind us of the sun, which is why we think of them as being warm, welcoming and cheerful.
They look really great. But, it is important not to overdo things. If you use too much of these colours it is all too easy to make a room look and feel garish. Most people find this type of décor too overwhelming. In this environment, it can be hard to turn off and truly relax.

Soften your lighting

Installing new lighting that can be adjusted to change the mood will also help. Dimming the lights or changing them from a bright white hue to a soft red in the evening is a great way to instantly make a room more relaxing to be in.

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