Recipe // Vegan ‘Bonfire’ Chocolate and Banana Loaf

Gosh, I haven’t composed a recipe post for almost 9 months! I think I lost my mojo for a bit…! Unfortunately, the first few months of pregnancy gifted me the motivation of a sloth, so I’ve been happy to eat, but not so to make.

However, I’m in the third trimester now! Hurrah! And I had one of my favourite mum folk over for a playdate yesterday. She is vegan, so I thought I would have a go at creating something delicious that she can eat as well, as she often makes the most wonderful cakes whenever we go to her house!

Autumn is most definitely here in East Yorkshire. With the leaves turning red, brown and orange, the squirrels dropping conkers on our heads, and the nights closing in earlier and earlier. I am thankful for the arrival of autumn; not only does it mean our newest family member will be here soon, but it also gives the green light to cosiness, hot chocolate and copious amounts of cake!

Today’s recipe is autumn-inspired (hence ‘Bonfire’) thanks to the cinnamon, and is the perfect thing to munch with a cup of tea/autumnal-inspired beverage.

The Recipe

The Ingredients

3 large ripe bananas
75g sunflower oil (gr not ml)
100g of demerara sugar (and a little extra to sprinkle on the top)
225g plain flour
3 heaped tsp of baking powder
3 heaped tsp of ground cinnamon
100g dairy free chocolate drops (Moo-Free chocolate is dairy and soya free. Aldi sell dairy free chocolate drops, but they do contain soya)

The Method

1. Set oven to 180°c (fan oven). 200°c (non-fan). And grease and line loaf tin (approx 900g tin).

2. Peel the bananas and mash with a masher or fork.

3. Add the sunflower oil and sugar to the bananas and mix well.

4. Add the plain flour, baking powder and cinnamon, and mix again.

5. Add the chocolate drops and mix until evenly incorporated.

6. Pour mixture into the prepared loaf tin, sprinkle a little demerara sugar on top to make it crunchy!

7. Bake for 40 minutes. The cake is ready when a skewer is placed in the centre and comes out clean.

8. Remove from oven and place on wire rack to cool.

Enjoy! As Nick said to me yesterday evening: “I wouldn’t have known it was vegan if you hadn’t told me!” so it would be a great recipe even if you’re not vegan, but you’ve run out of eggs and need to whip up a quick pudding or tea time treat.

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