Pregnancy // Window to the Womb, Doncaster (Part Two)

At the beginning of September, we headed back to Window to the Womb in Doncaster for our 4D scan. We had visited previously at the end of June for our early gender scan, which is when we found out that we were having another girl (I was so convinced Bun was boy)!

I’ve never had a 4D scan before. Mostly because it’s never really occurred to us to have one, but also because I’ve always thought I’d find it a little bit creepy… but our experience at Window to the Womb has completely changed my mindset on this! It was incredible and I would most definitely recommend having one, as it’s SO different to a normal ultrasound.

The Window to the Womb Doncaster clinic is set in the beautiful surroundings of Woodfield Park, which also has a gorgeous Victorian tea room and walled garden. We met Nick’s parents there for celebratory cake and hot chocolate after our scan, as they are fairly local to the clinic.

We decided to take the children along with us to the scan as Window to the Womb is super child-friendly, and we thought it would be a pretty amazing thing for them to experience.

It’s best to book a 4D scan for when you’re between 27-30 weeks, as baby still isn’t ‘too’ big but has chub on them for decent photos.

Window to the Womb have a number of different packages for 4D scans to suit every budget, and we were booked in for a Very Important Baby Well-being + 4D Baby Scan which costs £135.

The Very Important Baby package includes:

  • Well-being scan and report
  • 99%+ accurate gender confirmation (Bun is very much still a girl)
  • 100% longer full 4D Scan (compared to the basic 4D scan package)
  • Full movie recording of 4D scan (available to download in the fantastic free Bumpies app)
  • 6 full colour photo prints
  • 2 large full colour photo prints
  • All digital images (also available to download in the Bumpies app)
  • 2 keyrings and prints
  • FREE rescan guarantee if baby is being a pickle!

For once, Bun wasn’t being a totally awkward scan participant… although she does rather love putting her hands on her face! But, after a couple of attempts, we finally saw her beautiful face! And wow! She looks so much like Busby and has H-Bear’s nose. We saw her yawning, and sucking her fingers. I can’t really find the words to describe how surreal and wonderful it was, especially as I’ve spent so much of this pregnancy being overly cautious and worrying.

I would definitely recommend taking children along to the scan too. Busby and H-Bear were enthralled by the whole experience. From the “yucky” gel on my tummy, to seeing their baby sister for the first time. It was such an amazing thing to be able to do and, I think for them, it made it so much more real than a regular ultrasound.

After the scan we chose our various prints and the children were gifted a ‘Heartbeat Bear’ (Busby obviously chose the unicorn!), which has a copy of Bun’s heartbeat in it. It’s a lovely momento from our scan and will be going into Bun’s bedroom once it’s sorted!

I would definitely recommend having a 4D scan in pregnancy as it was such an amazing thing to experience – especially with the children in tow. Also, all of Bun’s grandparents have loved looking through the photos of their granddaughter; it’s a gorgeous way to help family members bond before the baby arrives! The Window to the Womb team were incredibly hospitable and made us feel so welcome once again. Thank you so much for having us – two weeks later and I still can’t believe we saw Bun!

You can find your local Window to the Womb clinic and the range of scans on offer on the Window to the Womb website.


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*We were kindly invited along to Window to the Womb in Doncaster for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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