Pregnancy // 5 Ways to Manage Stress Effectively During Pregnancy

It is perfectly normal to be stressed out from time to time during pregnancy as our bodies go through so many changes over the 9+ months. However, prolonged stress is neither good for the mother, nor the baby and therefore, it is essential to manage the stress effectively before things get out of hand. To help would-be mums bust stress efficiently, here are five useful tips to keep in mind.


Rest, relaxation and sleep are the greatest stress-busters in the world and when it comes to pregnancy, that’s just even more true. Take naps and sleep for long hours when you need to because it will keep both your body and mind relaxed. If you have small children already, ask for help from a relative or, if you can afford to do so, hire someone professionally to make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

You should read the this piece on sleeping advice for expectant mums on the Happy Beds blog if you want to hear a few different opinions on the topic. They come from the top British mummy bloggers so there’s some sound tips there for you to consider.


Talking is an underappreciated and underused tool of busting stress these days, although it’s so effective. Everything from depression and anxiety, to mounting stress can be relieved by simply talking to somebody. It doesn’t even have to be a therapist, but if you have a severe stress disorder, talking to a therapist is a great idea. In general, though, talk about your worries, problems and the stress itself with someone close to you. It could be your partner, a good friend or maybe even the midwife, but don’t keep it all bottled up inside.


Contrary to what you may think, pregnant women need regular exercise, even more so than before. Of course, the exercise will be different to what you may be used to before the pregnancy, but they still will need to be done and on a regular basis. Pregnancy yoga, light swimming, walking, breathing exercises, freehand exercises, etc. not only promote your physical well-being during pregnancy, but they can bust stress instantly as well.


Preparation is the key to handling anything that can be a challenge and pregnancy is most definitely a challenge. Talk with your doctor, midwife and other experienced people to gain as much knowledge about the upcoming days as you can. Read books and find information on trusted blogs. The more you know about pregnancy and research birth, the less likely it is to stress you out, because you will be well prepared. Positive birthing books are a great place to start to get your mind in the right place.


Admittedly, this isn’t an option for everybody but for those who can splurge a bit, then shopping is great for stress relief! It is indeed a proven way to bust stress and depression, so this might be the perfect time to take advantage of that. Even if you cannot exactly splurge, indulge yourself with an occasional treat (a Lush bathbomb, for example) or two to keep the stress under control.

Pregnancy is one of the greatest experiences of being a woman, but it isn’t always as beautiful as films and books would have us believe! There are wonderful moments for sure, but to cope with the rest, remember the five tips we just discussed.

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