Baking a Bun // 33 weeks pregnant

Sunday 14th October 2018

33 weeks today! Swiftly edging closer to the full-term mark! Bun is the size of a cauliflower head this week and she definitely feels like it.

I found out last night that some of my incredible friends up here in Yorkshire had organised me a surprise baby shower for today. I couldn’t believe it (there were tears!). I spent the afternoon eating cake, playing games and laughing with friends. It was so wonderful and I am so thankful to be friends with such an amazing, creative group of women!

They even got in touch with Jojo Maman Bebe, who sent me this beautiful dress to wear!

Monday 15th October 2018

I’ve been back in full-on nesting mode today. I bleached the kitchen. I organised the larder. I got rid of all of the unnecessary paper on the dresser… so you can actually see the wood now! The midwife is coming over tomorrow for my home birth ‘booking appointment’, so I want the house to look lovely for her. And also, it’s nice to have some energy again to be able to tidy and clean.

I really need to make a start in the nursery on painting and sorting. SO many tiny clothes to wash and put away!

Tuesday 16th October 2018

What. A. Day. I was supposed to have my home birth ‘booking appointment’ today. I waited in all afternoon for the midwife, organised school pick ups for Busby, called the Community Team halfway through the afternoon as I hadn’t heard anything and was told “Yes! They’re definitely coming!” and then at 4.45pm, I received a phonecall to say that they were not coming… Frustrated doesn’t really cover it. Especially as the house is SO tidy and it’s not likely to stay this way for long.

It just feels like home birth isn’t taken seriously at all. A low priority. And today demonstrated a complete lack of respect as well. I’ve spent this evening googling independent midwives… I’m so tired of fighting for my birth choice. I want someone present at Bun’s birth who will actually support a home birth!

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Well today was a turn up for the books… I received a call first thing this morning from the midwife asking whether I was free for my home birth ‘booking appointment’, as she had a free morning. Thankfully I was, so she arrived with the lovely student midwife I’ve been seeing throughout my appointments.

Overall, it was a positive appointment. There are no reasons why I can’t have a home birth. Although I am going to have to be very clear about a few things in my birth plan, as since having H-Bear they’ve brought in new guidelines that say the baby’s foetal heartbeat should be monitored every 15 minutes during the first stage of labour and every 5 minutes in the second… which I think is rather excessive. H-Bear’s foetal heart rate wasn’t measured at all during my labour with him as the midwife attending respected that I wanted a hands-off birth, but I was met with some very interesting language when I tried to explain this to the midwife today.

What is it with wanting to intervene and over-medicalise something that is such a natural process? I’m so fed up with it all. Give me a dark corner, the warm pool and some relaxing music. I don’t want to stay still so they can prod me with dopplers and interrupt my birthing zone.

Friday 19th October 2018

I had a lovely phonecall this morning from the student midwife who has been present at almost all of my appointments, asking whether I’d be interested in being one of her case studies. She and I were disappointed that she’d be changing rotation just before I give birth, and so she asked her tutor whether she could ‘follow me’ through birth and post-natal appointments. I’m really happy about this, as not only is it continuity of care, but also she seems pretty switched on with positive birthing and hypnobirthing! She was asking me for book recommendations on Wednesday. Hopefully it will mean that I’ll have at least one midwife in my corner during my home birth.

Nick and I are off on a little Babymoon to York this afternoon for the night. I can’t wait! Although fingers crossed I’ll be able to sleep, as sleeping away from home is proving very difficult at the moment.

Saturday 20th October 2018

I slept! Mostly!

We had a lovely night away just the two of us, with good food, a lovely sunny walk around York and even a stop in at Bill’s for scones. Yum!

I’ve spent this evening suffering from lower back pain and Braxton Hicks. I’m absolutely exhausted, so a warm bath is calling me right now and my hot water bottle. I can’t believe I turn 34 weeks tomorrow. She could be here in 3 weeks (although I envisage at least another 6)!


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