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We’ve been in our house for four years this coming spring, and we’re finally getting to a point where I’m happy with most of the rooms. However, the garden is a space that I’ve been wanting to tackle for ages and – thanks to some bursts of nesting energy and very helpful in-laws – we’ve started redesigning!

The owners before us planted lots of random trees and plants that weren’t child (or dog) friendly in the slightest! The husband was a gardener, so most of the spruces bordering our garden were rejects from his gardening clients.

Huge spikes fell onto the grass from these trees, birds ate the berries and pooped all over our clean washing, and the dog (and the toddler) had to be constantly watched due to the toxic berries that they would try to pop into their mouths. It wasn’t the relaxing, child-friendly space we’d hoped for in a garden.

So last month, we started digging and chopping; getting rid of anything spiky or dangerous. Five tree stumps down, and we’ve made so much space already!

The children are getting a playhouse for Christmas as their big present from all of our family, so that will be taking up part of the newly created space. I’ve been eager to create an outside play area for them to use all year round – especially with the arrival of a newborn baby imminent. My romanticised view is that I’ll be able to sit on the step, cuddling Bun, with a cup of tea in hand while they play happily in the garden over the winter… The reality is probably a little bit different, but it will still be good to have that space outside.

On each side of the playhouse, we’re hoping to have raised beds to plant bee-friendly plants and fruit/vegetables (we’re thinking of it as our ‘post-Brexit grow-your-own food’ supply). I’ve been looking on this website for bee-friendly grass ideas, as I love the idea of little patches of wild flowers dotted around the garden. Also, planting all of these will be a lovely activity to get the children involved in!

We still have lots to do, but I’m feeling excited about how our garden is going to evolve over the next few months!


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